Friday, January 25, 2008

Press Release for All In One Desktops

For the last week I have been working off and on with creating a press release for the business.  For the last month or so I have been trying to increase our website traffic.  In order to increase traffic I have to network the website.  There are various ways to do this: trade links, social tagging (MySpace, Facebook,, etc), press releases, etc.  I finally submitted the release tonight.  It may take up to 2 days before this gets out to all the search engines but I am going to post it here to give you all a first look.


Press Release 011708.doc

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Identity Theft

A new commercial from has the company CEO advertising his Social Security Number to prove how their company can protect anyone from identity theft for 10$ a month. I checked out the website and was pretty impressed. They were surprisingly honest on their website. Every service they offer you can do yourself. They compare it to changing your cars oil... you can do that yourself too. For 120$ a year I'm not sure it is worth it. But, it is close. And, it does NOT guarantee your identity will not be stolen. It guarantees up to a million dollars in coverage.

You can do everything they do for you, but it is time consuming:

1. Call 1-888-567-8688 and visit to be removed from all credit card application mailing lists. Forged applications are the #1 source of identity theft.

2. Get on the DO NOT CALL list 1-888-382-1222 or

3. Order free annual credit reports and place a fraud alert every 90 days with the credit agencies: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Now the scary part. Even with a fraud alert on your account creditors are not required by law to contact you to verify your identity. So even if you do all of the above or buy some form of identity theft protection you are not safe. A lazy creditor that can't verify your identity (say you don't answer the phone) could allow identity theft to still happen. This MUST be changed and I assume will be eventually as identity theft becomes more and more common. Maybe Rikki can write up some more letters to our congressmen.

Surprisingly only about 6 percent of identify thefts originate from online transactions. So be safe online, but more importantly opt out and shred all personal information before it goes into the trash. Once your garbage leaves your property it is public domain, meaning anyone can look at it and take it without penalty. If you are paranoid and want to take things to the extreme then the only paper that should go out of your house unshredded is toilet paper.