Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We hope that everyone is having a Wonderful Christmas!

The three of us were spoiled.  Yes that does include Angel.  We know Angel doesn't understand Christmas but she does understand being spoiled.  She has been playing with various toys from her toy and treat gift box, from Santa, all day.

I smell it.JPG

WOW what is all of this.JPG

I probably should have mentioned before I started this post that Nathan was home with us for Christmas.  He was scheduled to work but his coworker told him he would cover for him.  He does have his phone on in case he gets called in but with 20 minutes left before the end of his scheduled shift the day was great.  Nathan got various gifts that he appreciated.  A stocking full off toys and goodies and plenty of gifts from Mom & Dad, Santa and of course Angel & I.

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I got a stocking full of toys and chocolate and plenty of presents from Nathan, MIL & FIL and Santa.

More Hershey's chocolate.JPG
A new toaster.JPG
A greasy hub cap.JPG








Have a Great New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Time Magazine

About a year ago I signed up for Time magazine, 24$ for 2 years. I like the magazine and have glossed over its bias and stupid articles for too long. When they finally came out and announced 2007's man of the year as Vladimir Putin I finally decided to give up on it. Most magazines are hurting for subscriptions due to more content moving to the Internet and I see no reason to support something that I rarely agree with. While Putin is definitely a powerful and influential man I would never consider him for man of the year. He is attempting to rekindle the Cold War and revive the Soviet Empire. I was hoping the Burmese Monks would win. It seems I will be voting with my wallet twice this month. Yet another subscription to cancel.

When I cancelled they didn't even ask me why.... So I sent them an email:
"I would suggest when someone cancels a subscription you ask them why and not just provide a contact link if they desire, most won't bother and your company may not gain valuable insight into how it could improve.

I prefer an optomistic outlook and a company with a moral compass. The consistent liberal bias, over reporting of everything bad about the US with very litte mention of anything good and specifically the latest Time's Person of the year drove me to cancel. I can't believe you gave President Putin frontpage coverage and worldwide recognition for curtailing freedoms and trying to revive communism and the cold war. You tried to set it up by saying the selection is not always a "good" person but an influential one. So would man of the 20th century be Hitler?

As a company you do have moral responsibilites, which you hold other companies to but seem to be lacking yourself. Please do your part in this World to make it better, not worse."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blockbuster vs. Netflix

I was always happy with Netflix and their movie rentals via mail. But, I did stop the subscription when we moved out to Hawaii, I figured the time it took to mail out to Hawaii would decrease the value. Now that we are back on the mainland I started up a subscription with Blockbuster. At first I expected blockbuster to go bankrupt and be unable to compete with Netflix, but they made me change my mind. For 19$ a month you received 3 movies by mail that you could turn in for 3 free movies... So you were getting double the movies for the same price as Netflix AND I was allowed one free game rental per month which was perfect for my new PS3. They also offer Blu-Ray discs so we can rent the more expensive format at no extra cost. Of course this deal was too good to be true and Blockbuster finally realized they were losing money. So in September they FORCED me to change my subscription plan. I lost my free game every month and the rate was hiked to 26$ (I am stubborn and hate being forced into anything). I grumbled and considered canceling my subscription but even at the higher price we always managed to watch enough movies to make it worth our while. Until the other day, I received another "notice." The price would increase to 35$ per month. They have pushed their luck too far. They have obviously delayed their bankruptcy by taking a short term loss to draw people in. Now they think most people will stay with increased prices, they are so wrong. We will be canceling our subscription and after a few months probably restart our Netflix account (17$ a month and they offer movies downloaded via the Internet which my PS3 can handle via my Windows Vista Media Server, so I can watch movies off of my laptop on my HD TV). Blockbuster is doomed, they can't compete.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Marriage Enrichment Retreat

Hubby had an early Christmas present surprise; a weekend marriage enrichment retreat in Portsmouth.  This retreat was through Spiritual Fitness Division of Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic.  The location for this retreat was at the Renaissance Hotel in Portsmouth on the water's edge.

At the retreat we learned about each other's personality, primary love language and levels of guilt.  There were plenty of other topics that were covered including communication, bonding and romance.  We recommend that all married couples go through an enrichment retreat.  You learn more about your partner and why they are the way they are.

Our room was big but without a refrigerator.  The lobby was beautiful and big.  We thought that the Renaissance Hotel was better than the Hilton Hawaiian in Hawaii.  The food was excellent.  On Saturday night we ate a three course meal that was the chef's specialty for the evening, chicken alfredo.  We had eggs, fruit and bacon for breakfast.  At lunch we had a crescent turkey sandwich.

I should mention that on the 10th of December Nathan finally sent an e-mail to inquire about his status on the IA since we hadn't heard one way or the other if he was going for sure.  Someone else had volunteered to go so Nathan was fine.  Thank goodness because we only had a month left before he was to depart and I don't know if we would have been ready.

Downtown Norfolk from 8th floor in Hotel.JPG
Portsmouth Shipyard.JPG
Renaissance Hotel entrance XMas trees.JPG

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Command Christmas Party

The Command Christmas Party was this evening.  It was at The Founders Inn.  This is the same 4 star hotel that we stayed in our first couple of nights in the Tidewater Area.  We showed up at the party at 6:30pm for cocktails.  The lobby's were decorated for Christmas and the fireplaces were lit.  It was beautiful.  I did drag hubby to get a picture done.

We stayed long enough to have dinner, dessert and to see who won the first couple of Christmas gifts.  We made it home around 9:15pm.

Virginia Christmas 2007.jpg