Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Dash 5k

I made this run in a little over 22 minutes. Another nice run around the base. It started 2 blocks from my house, looped around part of the base, and finished at one of the base gyms right next to work. I can't say how nice it is to be able to walk to work and the gym in under 10 minutes. Over 1000 people ran this race and it was packed. It felt pretty good and I ran the first mile in 7 minutes, but slowed down a little for the remaining 2. They had free subway and powerade at the finish… which is odd since you really don't need any food after running just 3 miles, but I took a turkey sub anyways. This is great for a free race, I'll participate in more of them. They are monthly but not always at the Norfolk Navy Base.

Unfortunately I had to work halloween night and in my absence Rikki abused the poor dog with the mother in laws costume.

Princess Angel 101907 2.jpg

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