Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fleet Week Half Marathon

I had planned to run this 1/2 marathon but never did get around to registering due to some recurring hip pain. I found out a day before the race that a friend registered and wasn't going to run it so I asked if I could run in his place. The next day I ran the marathon and didn't do too bad 1:52 minutes. My goal was under 2 hours. My feet were hurting at the end and my muscles were burning but overall it was a good run. The marathon was all within the Navy base and had almost 1000 participants. I should have trained a bit more for it but I had been training for the PRT (physical readiness test) pretty regularly so I was in shape for the semi-annual 1.5 mile run but not really for the 13.2 miler. The PRT was 5 days later, so I think my 1.5 mile suffered a little (10:30) since I wasn't fully recoverd. Oddly enough my hip pain was better after the run and was completely gone for a few days after.

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