Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Florida Drivers License Registration

I just requested an extension of my soon to expire drivers license in the state of Florida. It allows me to use my expired license as a valid ID until 90 days after I am discharged from the military. It will be nice not to have to worry about renewing a drivers license for the rest of my Navy career (I am now at 9 years and still undecided if I am going to stick it out for the full 20).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Dash 5k

I made this run in a little over 22 minutes. Another nice run around the base. It started 2 blocks from my house, looped around part of the base, and finished at one of the base gyms right next to work. I can't say how nice it is to be able to walk to work and the gym in under 10 minutes. Over 1000 people ran this race and it was packed. It felt pretty good and I ran the first mile in 7 minutes, but slowed down a little for the remaining 2. They had free subway and powerade at the finish… which is odd since you really don't need any food after running just 3 miles, but I took a turkey sub anyways. This is great for a free race, I'll participate in more of them. They are monthly but not always at the Norfolk Navy Base.

Unfortunately I had to work halloween night and in my absence Rikki abused the poor dog with the mother in laws costume.

Princess Angel 101907 2.jpg

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Overheating Hands and Feet at Night

I always need it cool at night to sleep. I usually sleep covered by a single sheet while the wife has all the blankets doubled over on her (and her feet are still cold). Even with just the single sheet I overheat and need to sleep with my hands and feet uncovered. The other night my hands and feet were burning up for about 3 hours straight (with the temperature at 67 degrees since our heater is busted). I finally google'd it to see what my problem was. It turns out the warming of the hands and feet is a normal process called vasodilation that the body does to reduce the body's core temperature and induce sleep. Surprisingly google did not turn up any results for this keeping people up at night. I found a single person that had similar symptons and emailed him. He responded back saying the doctors always look at him like he is crazy when he explains the problem to them and he has never found a solution. My solution is going downstairs and laying on the kitchen's tiled floor in the draftiest/coldest part of the house. I'm curious if anyone else in the family has this problem...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've Been SPAM'd

I knew it was bound to happen eventually. Especially since buying my own domain name "" and using that email. It is actually my third email account (after hotmail and yahoo) and I have tried very hard to not get on spammer lists, but it was bound to happen.

A few days back I came home to find over 1000 emails in my account. All of them were bounce backs, i.e. returned to sender due to recipient unavailable. The sad part is not knowing how many thousands went out to valid emails with my email address in the from field.

Unfortunately anyone can forge an email header to make it say whatever they want. I contacted my GoDaddy to see what they offered for help and got the following response:

"These emails are the result of an e-mail spoofing exploit in which someone sends out spam emails that appear to be from an address other than the actual source. This is one of the easiest exploits to carry out, as the spammer can simply change the Reply To address in their e-mail application. Spammers often will use a random address from their spam list as the From address in their outgoing spam, which is likely how your domain and/or address originally became associated with this spam traffic."

"As an additional measure, you may wish to create an SPF Record for your domain. An SPF Record is a list of servers that are authorized to send email that has a return address based on your domain. If an incoming mail server is configured to check for this record, it will reject any email coming from a server that is not listed in the SPF record."

Unfortunately there is not much else to be done. I haven't noticed my email being blacklisted yet, but I'd imagine it will happen eventually. for now all of the "delivery failure" bouncebacks have stopped. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fleet Week Half Marathon

I had planned to run this 1/2 marathon but never did get around to registering due to some recurring hip pain. I found out a day before the race that a friend registered and wasn't going to run it so I asked if I could run in his place. The next day I ran the marathon and didn't do too bad 1:52 minutes. My goal was under 2 hours. My feet were hurting at the end and my muscles were burning but overall it was a good run. The marathon was all within the Navy base and had almost 1000 participants. I should have trained a bit more for it but I had been training for the PRT (physical readiness test) pretty regularly so I was in shape for the semi-annual 1.5 mile run but not really for the 13.2 miler. The PRT was 5 days later, so I think my 1.5 mile suffered a little (10:30) since I wasn't fully recoverd. Oddly enough my hip pain was better after the run and was completely gone for a few days after.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Server Setup Complete

So we haven't been posting all that much due to problems with the server. I finally took the time to get the thing working properly so expect to see a bit more in the future. Especially now that I have configured it to share pictures and video.Tyner Winters Family.jpg

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

VA State Fair

Military Appreciation Day we spent with my uncle, aunt and cousin in Richmond.  The VA State Fair was being held at the International Raceway.  We rode some rides, saw some exhibitions, saw some shows and even tasted some treats.  My Uncle John and his family live in Newport News which is about a 40 minute drive from our home on the base.  This was the second time that we met up with them since Maggie has contacted me.  I actually don't really know when the last time is that I saw my uncle?!  I believe that last time I saw him was not too much longer after we moved to VT.  That was well over 13 years ago.  Uncle John and his wife Maggie weren't able to make it to our wedding so this is another part of the Tyner family that Nathan is meeting for the first time.  Uncle John and Maggie eloped about 7 years ago so I hadn't met Maggie yet.  Sorry no pictures yet.  I am still trying to figure out the new software.