Thursday, April 26, 2007

MySpace Craze

MySpace is the new cool place to connect with people. Let me tell you how much I was really NOT a fan of MySpace. One of my big issues/concerns with MySpace was splattered all over the news. There were numerous reports of people tracking other people and then killing them. I have also heard stories about men cheating on their wives using MySpace. I wasn’t about to promote a place that would ruin families. When I finally took a look around MySpace and noticed that you could make your profile private I thought okay maybe this isn’t that bad.

I originally made a pretty basic profile, nothing really fancy. My sister is a MySpace know it all. She sent me to some pages that had some cool codes to change the look of my profile layout. I left the page like that for a while with the exception of updating my profile picture.

This week on Sunday and Monday I spent plenty of time generating my own profile with my own background. Yes this took some time. There were plenty of programs out there that all did the same thing; they allowed you to use your own pictures for a background, change the text, change the tables and change colors. Since all the programs were the same I just chose one. The only problem I had was uploading a photo from a URL. I thought I could use the URL of a photo on our server. I quickly learned that our server didn’t create the proper URL needed for the image saved on it. I had no choice but to create an account with photobucket.

I upload the image on photobucket and generate the code with the image to create a cool layout for my profile. I view the profile and then realize you can’t see my background; one of the original layout changes needed to be deleted from the codes. The background code on the original layout was set to white so my background wasn’t showing. I save these changes and think that I am done, nope. The text color that I chose blends in with the colors of my image. I go back through the layout generator to change the color of the text and I resave the new code in my profile. All done; at least I thought so anyway. Hubby checks out my profile and tells me that the image is too small. I remember I resized the image thinking that the original size was too big. So I have to resave the image on photobucket and then I regenerate the background code. I save it and finally done. WOOHOO at this point I felt like the page was my own.

I jump back onto RockYou and update my slideshow and create a countdown for our road trip. I save these codes on MySpace and now I feel even better about the look of my profile. However I am not satisfied with this.

I want to upload some video from Christmas on my page. I got plenty of great video on our JVC Everio Camcorder. I try to upload the video onto photobucket but the size is too big. So Nathan steps in to help me again. I haven’t played with the software that we got with the camcorder. The two video clips need to be converted to lower quality. OMG, I didn’t think that this would be this involved. However this wasn’t that horrible. The JVC software was just a drop down menu to chose which conversion was wanted and then the start button was hit. The video was saved onto our server and then I could use photobucket to get the HTML codes. I got the video codes and saved that in my MySpace profile. Now my page is complete.

I am officially a MySpace Pro and yes I know I am sad for taking two days to do this. If you would like to check it out head here.

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