Friday, January 05, 2007

Virginia Here We Come

We leave MA in the evening. Talk about horrible weather to be driving in on the east coast. We hit rain and fog off and on all night long. It gave Nathan a headache and it gave me a headache. It was almost as bad as our driving trip from TX to Jacksonville.

We made it to the Tidewater area around 6am. We pulled over in a Starbucks parking lot to get some sleep. We slept for about an hour in the car. We got up due to all the Starbucks addicts getting their fix. We were getting ready to drive off again and I noticed that something was off. Sure enough I get out to look at the tires and the left rear tire is flat. One of the brand new tires that was just put on in HI had a nail in it. Thank goodness for AAA road side service and lucky for us next to the Starbucks there was a Service Station. AAA can only take off the bad tire and put on the spare. That is as far as their service goes for tires. Nathan got the flat off and then took it to the Service Station. This was after we waited 10 minutes and realized that there was a Service Station next to Starbucks. When AAA arrived Nathan brought back the tire and AAA put it back on the car for us. We were on the Naval Base around 10am.

At the Naval Base we checked in with housing to see if we could pick up keys. No such luck we have to wait till Monday. Nathan checked in at work so that we could pick up TLA for our hotel stay this weekend. We stop off at the Exchange to check things out and figure out where things were.

We head down to the Founders Inn and are able to check in early. We take a shower and all three of us fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We weren’t up again until 6:30pm.

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