Friday, January 26, 2007

Household Goods

Our household goods arrive today. WOOHOO finally I can cook real meals and we can eat off of real plates. The movers got here around 10am and Nathan got in just before they arrived. It was very cold out here so we pretty much froze our butts off. The door was kept open for a majority of the day. The house didn’t warm back up until the following morning.

Hardware to the futon was missing, the mattress and box spring of the master bed was ripped or scratched on all corners, the frame to the bureaus are broken and my mini loaf pans and the futon sheet are missing. I guess it could be worse.

The rest of the week was spent sorting and settling everything and running more errands. All the things we borrowed from the Relocation Assistance Office were returned.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Truck Arrives

The truck arrives from Hawaii on a trailer with about 5 other vehicles. Abraham the driver of the trailer called us to let us know where he was and that a few other stops were needed before he dropped off our vehicle. At about 9:00pm Abraham called for directions and at about 9:40pm we met Abraham outside the main gate to get the truck and sign paperwork.

We stopped to fill Nathan’s truck with gas and wash the windows before we went back home.

Nathan and I were very happy with Horizon Lines and State 2 State Auto Transporting companies. A little under $2000 and the truck made it without a single scratch.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First Week

The first week at the house was spent running around to get things done, getting unpacked and housing stopping off to give me things or get things fixed.

The Navy Fleet and Family Support Program has a Relocation Assistance office and they allowed us to borrow some things until our household goods arrived from Hawaii. We borrowed some mats, pots, pans, table, chairs and various utensils. Thank goodness because after sleeping on an air mattress that deflated by morning was already getting old.

The weekend was spent at BJ’s. We were expecting to get a Sam’s Club membership this time since Sam’s Club was accepting MasterCard. However BJ’s was closer and they accept not only club coupons but grocery coupons too.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Fun

Our weekend was spent at the Founders Inn. Sunday was nice and lazy. We headed to a Plaza to hit Subway and while we were out we drove around a bit. We went into a Pet Store to check out the prices of dog food and to buy a Chuckit for Angel. We left hers at my parents’ house. We ate supper on Sunday night at one of the Restaurants at the Inn. It was fairly expensive and neither one of us were impressed. There wasn’t much for a selection at the Buffet and dishes weren’t refilled. We went for a walk after supper with Angel around the lake. It was beautiful however we were expecting the Christmas lights to be on in the garden during our walk so that was a little disappointing.

Monday we were up bright and early to take Nathan to school. He had to be in at 7:30 and we left the Inn at 6:15am. We were glad that we left that early because traffic from Virginia Beach to Norfolk was horrible. There were a significant number of accidents and the amount of people heading into the base that early was crazy. We made it in at 7:20am. Once Nathan was out I headed off base to head to housing. Housing is located off base. This is where I learned that not all the gates to the base are open for outgoing traffic. It took me another 20 minutes to get off base and head in the direction that I needed to go.

I got to the PPV Housing Office at 8am and had to wait for a call to be made to our specific housing manager. The housing office didn’t have our keys since we are in Senior Housing. I drove back onto the base and met our housing manager at the house. Once I got a quick tour of the house and some quick notes on things to do and things I still needed I started to unpack the car and get settled in.

Once settled in I headed out to deposit some checks and to get some groceries. When I got home Nathan was home from school.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Virginia Here We Come

We leave MA in the evening. Talk about horrible weather to be driving in on the east coast. We hit rain and fog off and on all night long. It gave Nathan a headache and it gave me a headache. It was almost as bad as our driving trip from TX to Jacksonville.

We made it to the Tidewater area around 6am. We pulled over in a Starbucks parking lot to get some sleep. We slept for about an hour in the car. We got up due to all the Starbucks addicts getting their fix. We were getting ready to drive off again and I noticed that something was off. Sure enough I get out to look at the tires and the left rear tire is flat. One of the brand new tires that was just put on in HI had a nail in it. Thank goodness for AAA road side service and lucky for us next to the Starbucks there was a Service Station. AAA can only take off the bad tire and put on the spare. That is as far as their service goes for tires. Nathan got the flat off and then took it to the Service Station. This was after we waited 10 minutes and realized that there was a Service Station next to Starbucks. When AAA arrived Nathan brought back the tire and AAA put it back on the car for us. We were on the Naval Base around 10am.

At the Naval Base we checked in with housing to see if we could pick up keys. No such luck we have to wait till Monday. Nathan checked in at work so that we could pick up TLA for our hotel stay this weekend. We stop off at the Exchange to check things out and figure out where things were.

We head down to the Founders Inn and are able to check in early. We take a shower and all three of us fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We weren’t up again until 6:30pm.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sullivan Family

We leave VT to head to MA. We arrive at Nana’s before we were expected but we have to cut our trip in MA shorter than we wanted. My Nana and Papa always spoil me when I am at their house. There were plenty of Boston sweets, food and shopping :) I love those after Christmas sales. We didn’t get to see many friends while we were in Boston because we were so busy with Nana and Papa. Nathan and I are looking forward to our next visit back to Boston. We would like to be in Boston longer than a couple of days so that we can get some more sight seeing in. There are so many beautiful things to see and do and being a Bostonian I would like to get back in touch with my roots per say.