Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Pomelo Incident

As we've mentioned before we have had almost weekly power or brown outs for the past 2 years. We are now the only ones living on our loop and with the houses to be demolished in january repairs take time and are done reluctantly. Until the Pomelo Incident. Across the street we have a Pomelo fruit tree that bears something akin to grapefruits. They are supposed to be sweeter but the ones we have tried were not very good. But that doesn't stop the daily traffic of locals stopping by to attemp to pick the fruit. A few of the smarter ones bring their own fruit polls to grab the fruit. Others try to get more creative and that is what caused the incident. The fruits are heavy, at least a pound or two and the stems are thick so you really need a pole cutter and a ladder. People have tried using newspapers, water bottles, garden hoses (with sprinkler still attached), rakes, baseball bats... We have really seen it all. Until someone decided to drive their truck up over the curb onto the lawn and climb on the roof to reach the disgusting fruit. The problem was these Pomelo Bandits must have gotten excited about their new tactic and as they were about to flee the scene they backed their new and oversized truck back over the curb across the road and into the huge green 150000 volt transformer on the opposite lawn. The loud bang brought the wife out running assuming they ran into one of our vehicles. The idiots saw that they had dented the transformer pretty bad and moved the 2 ton transformer about 1 foot off its cement base. So what else would they do besides try to push it back into place! They were attempting to do this when they saw Rikki coming over and instead they decided to flee. They jumped in the truck and were off. We were of course left without power. After a few phone calls they came out and looked at the transformer, it was making a loud buzzing sound and leaking some fluid so they cut-off all power and ordered a new one. Luckily it was installed that night so we were only half a day without power and we haven't had a power or brown out since!

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