Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

It was just the two of us for thanksgiving and since I was home I offered to cook the turkey. I wanted leftovers so we got a 10 pounder and I followed Alton Brown's unconventional recipe. Alton Brown is either a genius or he has an army of researchers that spend weeks researching for his show Good Eats. The recipe included brining, fill the cavity with a sliced apple, onion, spices, and a cinnamon stick. 30 minutes at 500 then cover breast with aluminum foil (dark meat needs more cooking than white meat) then 325 till done and yes we bought a digital thermometer. We found out our oven cooks very unevenly, but besides that the turkey turned out great. Instead of gravy we made a cranberry dipping sauce (another Good Eats recipe) that was good though too much orange peel made it a little too sweet. Rikki did all the fixings and dessert. I think it was our best and easiest thanksgiving so far. We'll see what Rikki has to say.

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