Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CT Scan

The CT scan is today. I called Radiology yesterday to ask some extra questions after doing some significant research online. If you show up to a CT scan without wearing any metal you don’t have to put on a hospital gown. Ladies this means those under wire bras and antiperspirant. Don’t worry about climbing into bed with your significant other in the evening. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to is very small.
There will be anywhere between 80 and 90 pictures or slices taken of your abdomen.
You will be asked to pick up a prep kit before the CT scan. You will be given one of two types of solution to drink about 5 to 6 hours before your CT scan. I was unlucky and had to make and drink a solution of Hypaque. This is the most disgusting stuff ever. You take 5 grams of this solution and mix it with 45ml of a clear, non-carbonated liquid. You shake this for 3 minutes. Now let me tell you how horrible this stuff is. It took a clear liquid and made it turn brown. HUH?!! I am thinking that this is not healthy stuff to be drinking. You take the 45 ml and pour it into the container they give you. Add more clear, non-carbonated liquid until you get 22 fluid ounces.
I mixed this drink 5 minutes before I was to start to drink it. I put the container that I needed to make 22 fluid ounces with in the refrig the night before. I also put my bottle of Propel water and 6 fluid ounces of plain water in the refrig. It helps to drink this stuff while it is cold. This drink almost tastes like battery acid. It is really horrible. It should take you an hour to drink this stuff. I took 2 hours. If I could chug it without throwing up I would have but if you throw this stuff up you have to drink 2 of this 22 fluid ounce drinks when you arrive the hour before your CT. I don’t recommend that.
The hour before the exam you are given another 22 fluid ounces to drink. This time they mix it with Tang and sugar. You will be asked when your schedule your CT whether or not you have diabetes. This stuff is sugary. I am a major chocoholic and I thought this stuff was bad. Since it was sweeter than the water and didn’t taste as bad I was able to drink the 22 fluid ounces in 20 minutes. WOOHOO! 5 minutes after I finished they took me in. The CT tech mixed some more tang with a very fizzy solution. This stuff tastes bad but you only have to drink a mouth full. This is to coat the stomach lining.
I ask the CT tech a couple of questions before and after the scan. He was really good. The CT scanner was awesome. You can’t be an engineer and have things like this done. You ask more technical questions than other people ask. The scanner was automatic. The CT tech just pressed one button and the scanner did everything else; from pulling you in and out of the CT scanner to telling you when to breath and when not to breath. It was really cool. A total of 3 minutes and then you were done.
The reason for drinking the solution is to help “pronounce” per say your internal organs. It helps make them more visible for the doctor and radiologist to see. The second drink is to help do the same.
I will admit that I was extremely nervous about this test. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep the drink down and I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to drink it all. Be aware that you will be peeing your brains out after you drink the first mix and then again after you drink the second mix.

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