Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Doctors Appointment - CT Scan

I have a doctors appointment today. I called two weeks ago to make this appointment to see the doctor. I think I reinjured a muscle in my abdomen or may even have a hernia. I was very uncomfortable in mid-September and it hasn’t gotten any better. I finally cave in and decide to call because it is still uncomfortable. So this morning I head in. I talk to the doctor and she wants to do bloodwork and she wants me to go in for a CT scan. That works for me.
I get home and call about scheduling the CT scan. I can’t get in to Tripler Hospital for another three weeks. OMG, hopefully there isn’t anything seriously wrong with me but the good thing is that we don’t have to pay for the CT scan.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hawaii Earthquake

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake. What?! I get up at 7:00am to the bed shaking a little. I thought okay just another big truck driving by on the highway that is literally our back yard. The shaking slows a bit so that must have been it. Wait my bed is moving across the floor, the walls are shaking, the venetian blinds are shaking. I wake Nathan. I swear that man can sleep through anything. It took him a minute to realize something was up.
The shaking stops. We turn on the TV and we jump on the computers. Was that an earthquake? Did we just experience our first earthquake?
Five minutes later we loose cable. One minute later we loose power. Okay it was obviously something major but what. The NOAA weather radio isn’t going off. We take a shower and try to figure out what is going on. Two hours later still no electricity.
OMG right now I am just so greatful that Nathan is home. I would have flipped out at this point and just sat down in the middle of the floor and cried my eyes out. Does this ever stop?
Around noon we head out for a walk. The AC unit moved about a foot off the cement foundation. None of the neighbors have power. The car ports don’t have power. We still don’t know what happened. We jump in the truck and there is one radio station up and running. They are saying that there is no tsunami generated but that there is some damage from the earthquake. OMG! It was an earthquake. But it takes us 5 hours to get this info. Why didn’t the county sirens go off? Our NOAA weather radio must be broken.
21.5 hours later we finally have power back on and the AC is running, WOOHOO. Now why the hell did it take so long? Why did we have power for the 5 minutes after the earthquake but then loose it? Why didn’t the big island loose power at all when that is where the earthquake was centered? Hawaii claims that they are ready to warn communities about disasters and be able to evacuate those in low lying areas as needed but I think that this earthquake proved that Hawaii is not ready for any kind of natural disaster. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake is categorized as “strong.” There was only one radio station up and functioning so how do we know that the county sirens had power?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Sunday the 8th Angel and I start cleaning and made lists of things that we want to make sure are done before Nathan gets home. I am so excited at this point. Nathan is supposed to get in late on Tuesday night.
Monday the 9th Angel helps me get our major cleaning done. We cleaned all morning. There are still plenty of things to get done on my list for tomorrow but it shouldn’t be too bad. Most of it is to run and pick up groceries and what not. I am getting nervous now too.
Tuesday the 10th we are getting ready for Nathan’s arrival. We got the last of our things done but while I was out shopping today Nathan calls. Of course he didn’t make it in time to switch over and catch his commercial flight from his mac flight. The mac flights were late. Nathan will be spending the night at a hotel and will be here tomorrow afternoon. Oh crap! What else is new? I guess I should have known it was an omen when the lights went out at the commissary just a second before Nathan called me. Nathan did get back to me with his flights for tomorrow. He will be home around 3pm. I hope that he can get some sleep. He said he was tired and he sounded tired and frustrated. Another 24 hours is nothing compared to the last 4.5 months of hell.
Wednesday the 11th Nathan is delayed in Denver three hours. Nathan will not be home at 3pm he is now not coming home till 5:30pm.
Finally, Eureka, WOOHOO. Welcome Home! Seeing Nathan was a miracle. I didn’t jump up and down and act like a fool, which is what I really felt like doing. I saw him before he recognized me. OMG, it was so good to see him. I gave him a hug and his lei. I helped him with his bags to the car. We get home and I work on supper. Nathan spends the rest of the night relaxing, playing with Angel, unpacking and chatting with me.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Coming Home ??

Wednesday the 4th there is still no news. At the moment the detailer from the IP Community is “sitting” on orders. We weren’t told why except that there were a lot of applicants. Okay so we wait some more. At this point this is nothing new. One hour later Nathan has news. HUH?! Nathan received what I am calling a half verbal/half written assessment. It looks like orders for Norfolk, VA. OMG I am totally ecstatic at this point. Now we can start looking for a house, to buy, in VA.
The rest of the day was spent looking and searching for a home. Nathan applied for a VA loan through USAA right after he sent the application I get a call from USAA.
Thursday the 5th I take the truck in for an oil change. What should have been a two hour appointment takes all morning. The requested tire rotation spots a nail in the tire rim. The tire needs to be replaced and because the tire is being replaced an alignment needed to be done. I was pretty sick today with an upset stomach. Not fun when you are waiting for a vehicle.
I get to talk to Nathan for the first time in weeks. We have been chatting on IM for a little while now so the phone calls stopped; which was fine. But it was nice to hear from him especially since I was sick and was going to be stuck at Firestone all morning.
Friday the 6th I am back at Firestone with the car. Oh please I don’t want to get sick and please don’t let something be wrong with the car! I don’t want to sit at Firestone all morning again. I get there and Nathan calls just as I am dropping the car off. He wants to know how things are going. I told him okay. He asks if I am okay because I sounded stuffy. Yeah the allergy cold is back. He then tells me that the Skipper stopped off to see him today and stated that he wants to send Nathan home on the 9th. LOL! I didn’t express any excitement. I said oh really. Nathan then says yeah. He says what you don’t believe it? I said honestly no, when you have tickets let me know. The car was ready at 9:10am however it too needs work. Two of the tires need to be replaced because the tread is low, a spark plug needs to be replaced, the transmission needs to be flushed and an alignment is needed. Oh god I can’t do all of this today. So I let them replace the tires and put on the stickers for the safety inspection. I was there until 10:10. No too bad but I am really not happy. I make an appointment for the following week for the other things. I just can’t do that today. I stop off at the post office and send the vacuum sealer back to CA. I had to stop at the Honolulu International Post Office to drop off a FedEx package that the post office on Hickam couldn’t take. I got home at 11am and just about croaked.
Saturday the 7th Nathan sends me his flight itinerary. He is really coming home. I can’t believe it. He will be in Honolulu on Tuesday at 11pm. I didn’t think flights were coming in that late. My poor husband has 6 legs in order to get home. Half of it on military flights the other half through United. I cried today for a good 15 minutes. I can’t believe that he is coming home. I am so thrilled and yet I am so nervous.
More time spent searching and looking at homes again. ERA contacted me today about our wants and needs. I couldn’t believe it.
The bottles were brought to recycling today; $6. Not too bad.