Thursday, August 31, 2006

Laser Hair Removal

I have had razor bumps since I started shaving thanks to my curly hair. I despise shaving every morning and I am starting to wonder if I should look into laser treatment. The military is offering the treatment though I’m afraid the case of pseudofollicultis Barbae (PFB) must be pretty severe and only a few hospitals have the lasers. If the Navy won’t do it I might pay for it myself. It isn’t that expensive: and far cheaper than shaving materials for a lifetime.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Here are my top 3 choices, I am expecting to be stuck with Surface Warfare though.

Information Professional -1600
Information Warfare -1610
Intelligence -1630

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sketchy Media and Porkbusters

Here is a good article on what is wrong with the media today. Bloggers are slowly setting them straight. Another important idea from the blogosphere is government budget transparency. Who could have imagined that the blogging public would be policing the media and government. This is a wonderful thing. A senator took the torch and is trying to pass a bill that would require all budgets be available to the public online.

A few days ago I took a civilian contractor who was doing geophysical mapping for Afghanistan to the airport. They use a P-3 to do various mappings (ground density, gravity, magnetic, etc.) in this case it was mostly to look for oil, paid for by the Afghan government. She told me about the other projects she had done in the arctic and Gulf of Mexico. I asked her why they did the gulf of Mexico since it has little strategic value (for gravity and magnetic mapping) and she said because of Trent Lott. Turns out the company was from Mississippi and he funneled tons of money into the project. These pork bills that get added into budgets need to stop and this bill to list all spending online for the public to see is a great start. Mr. Lott emphasized this with this quote “I’ll just say this about the so-called porkbusters. I’m getting damn tired of hearing from them. They have been nothing but trouble ever since Katrina.” How horrible to be held accountable for spending the publics money.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nuclear War Survival Skills

This book was originally written for the cold war and many would dismiss its value today. But as I have posted before about a nuclear attack will happen and the death toll after the initial blast and radiation fallout will depend on how well prepared people are. Unfortunately our government is not doing their job preparing the public so we will have to do it ourselves. This is still the best resource out there and I highly recommend making the at home Geiger counter to make sure you don’t have any stray radioactive material around the house (seriously kids have been known to collect shiny radioactive rocks).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ridiculous Passwords

Here is the latest in overkill from the Navy. “Passwords MUST contain 9-15 characters AND at least two lower case letters, two uppercase letters, two numbers, and two special characters.”

Monday, August 07, 2006

Diego Garcia

We had an overnighter on this small little island. It was extremely nice and used to be our main det site in the past (I wish we were still there). Rooms were plain but the exchange was ridiculously cheap. I bought a liter of water for 60 cents. The O’club was very nice, even had a live band on a Thursday. I played some pool for the 2nd time this deployment and did well for a change. Rudy of course wanted to bet, he stopped betting after losing twice. Up early for the flight I ate at the galley. I tried Aloe Vera yogurt for the first time and yes it had actual chunks of aloe vera in it. It tasted just as I expected, disgusting. After that back on the C-40 (Boeing 747) for the 2nd leg to our main det site.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Japan was a comfortable det site. The rooms were excellent with a full kitchen and high speed Internet. The only downside was a roommate though I was able to keep a single for some of the time. The humidity was horrible, a lot warmer than I expected too. Okinawa is much further south than I expected. I can tell the difference between mainland Japanese and Okinawans now. The locals here are far more tanned (think Mr. Miyagi) than the typical pale mainland Japanese complexion.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

30% Down

Another month down. I thought that things were supposed to get easier as the time went by. This is turning out to be absolutely horrible. None of this is fair.
Nathan and I sat down and talked one night. We are ready to leave the military. Nathan finally put in his papers to try to leave the military. For those of you who don’t know the Navy is trying to downsize. Anyway the Navy is offering a VSP program and this is what Nathan is trying to apply for. However with our luck and how things have been going and after having certain conversations it is possible that Nathan may be sent IA for a year. I am trying to be hopeful that we can just separate.
The last 3 weeks have been very interesting:
The house that we currently live in is going to be demolished and I am going to have to set up and move myself into a newer home. The government is contracting out the building of newer homes for military families.
My grandmother was admitted to the hospital via ambulance because she had a dizzy spell, blacked out and fell. In the process of falling she broke her arm. She has a disease called Vertigo, which is what caused her to get dizzy and fall. It is similar to motion sickness only it causes people to black out and fall. She was in the hospital for 3 days and then sent to a nursing home for over a week to get physical therapy and figure out how to fix or deal with the Vertigo.
I receive word in confidence that I am going to be laid off. Can you believe that nonsense? I bust my butt for a year for a company making crap pay and trying to make a difference in the division that I worked in by bringing it into a more recent technology age. When I find this out it is 6 days before my birthday and official word as to why I am being laid off comes out the day after my birthday. To this day none of the people who made the decision to sell the division that I worked in have confronted me. I am also not going to be able to collect unemployment nor am I going to be receiving any type of severance pay.
My mom came out for a week visit. Thank goodness for her visit. She was able to help me celebrate my birthday and was here for me on my last day of work. She was super helpful. We even spent a day cooking meals so that I wouldn’t have to cook meals in the evening.
Tuesday night after work I picked up mom at the airport. We talked a little. I didn’t want to keep her up too long because of her long flight and change in the time zones.
The day of my birthday I completed one of my three part time jobs. I don’t know if I ever told you what I did. I was hired by a small, private, security firm to be an Administrative Assistant for a certain division of the company. I am sure your ladies have heard of mystery shopping. You are hired by a company and you either shop or eat out at places and rate the customer service. As an Administrative Assistant I am responsible for making sure that tests were completed and logged in. I even made it easier for our shoppers. They used to hand write all the reports and have to drive to the office to submit them. I came up with a word form template for the shoppers to fill in only the sections where information is required and then they submitted the reports via e-mail. Definitely easier and more efficient. The next step eventually was to get everything web based. The submitting of the reports from the shoppers to us, we edit and then the clients retrieve them via the web. Anyway before we could get to that point the CEO and VP of the company decided to sell our division. Now as the Administrative Assistant for the division I needed to have training and become a mystery shopper myself. I completed training and was officially a shopper in February. So mom and I spent the entire morning walking and doing tests in Waikiki. We had a great time. That evening we performed a restaurant evaluation. So supper on the company  Thank you hubby for a wonderful birthday card, I love you very much!
Thursday is the day that we spent cooking. We were supposed to get hit with the remains of a tropical depression but we didn’t even get a sprinkle. We went out in the morning to the exchange and did some grocery shopping.
Friday we went shopping back to the Navy exchange and commissary. It was nice. Then I spent the rest of the morning cleaning and trying to take care of things that I have been putting off. Mom and I spent the evening talking. I told her about everything that was going on with Nathan and she got me caught up on all the stuff that is happening at home. We ordered pizza for supper.
Saturday was spent running errands. Mom went with me to the bottle redemption; $12 in cans and bottles. Not too bad if you ask me. After that we drove up to the other side of the island. I needed to stop off at Navy Federal to deposit all the coins I wrapped before mom got here; over $100 in coins. We waited in line for 45 minutes. Mom was even getting impatient and she spent many a years as a bank teller. Next was a stop for my brothers and sisters. They wanted something from U Down. Something about the owners possibly going to jail for defacing street signs. I am not sure about it all. I just know parking was horrible and it took us some time to find the stores. They are located on the second level of an older building. In the evening we headed down to Aloha Tower.
Sunday I worked an 8 hour day and didn’t make it home in time to go do anything. Mom had supper waiting for me.
Monday my last day as an Administrative Assistant was a 9 hour day.
Tuesday we went for a walk and watched the planes take off. The rest of the day we just relaxed and helped mom get ready for her flight back home. So sad to see her go and talk about going through all that separation anxiety again.
I hope that gets everyone caught up. It hasn’t been fun by any means.
Thank you to all those who are still checking up on me. Thank you to everyone who sent special birthday gifts this year (Sue and Jerry). Thank you mom for coming out and brightening up this deployment and my birthday. Thank you Nathan for helping me cope with all of this. I love you very much! Hope all is going well with everyone.