Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korean Nonsense

Everyone has heard by now about the long range ballistic missile test that failed. It was supposedly aimed towards Hawaii, though it does not have the range to reach it. Followed by 6 short range missiles to make sure the World noticed. The ploy seems to be the typical saber rattling to force the US to conduct 1 on 1 talks to give North Korea concessions. Luckily we haven't fallen for it yet. I don't understand why people think appeasement is a viable form of diplomacy. The more we give the more they will ask for. You don't even have to have kids to understand that.

The real clincher for me is how North Korea has treated China. One of their only allies who provide them with aid. China recently stopped all shipments of aid to North Korea.... Because North Korea stole their trains. They sent the Chinese crews back over the border but kept the trains that were transporting the aid. They say the trains were part of the aid program... How can you negotiate with that?

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