Saturday, July 08, 2006

5 Weeks Down

It has been 5 weeks and I am just now feeling up to post. I haven’t really felt comfortable enough to talk. Deployment is definitely not easy and I needed time to go through my own thing.

Everyone wants to know how things are going and they are going. I am keeping myself busy as much as possible working three part time jobs. I work on the weekends every other weekend. The weekends I have been home have been spent either out in the yard or running errands.

Two weekends ago I spent 6 hours out in the yard. Today I spent 2 hours out in the yard. Yard work takes time. It makes it harder when you can’t do it on a weekly basis. I cheated a little too. Two weeks into deployment I asked a colleague and friend to mow my lawn. He comes by every two weeks or so to help me.

Deployment makes you realize not only how much you miss each other but how much you come to rely on your spouse. Deployment made me also realize that Nathan and I have assumed certain responsibilities. Yard work Nathan does. It has definitely made me see how hard it is and next time when I would like something done, I won’t be a nag about it, I will do it.

There were a couple of crises already. Two days after Nathan left the hot tub died. Of course I needed to reset it. It took me two weeks to get to it. The poor thing and poor me  The Food Saver that we bought before Nathan left for deployment didn’t work. I wanted to exchange it at the Navy Exchange, since that is where we purchased it, however with no receipt that wasn’t possible. I called the company since we registered it with them. They sent a replacement  I just need to send back the dead one.

I mailed Nathan a letter about 2.5 weeks into deployment. He got it in 10 tens. I was impressed. I wasn’t expecting him to get that for a couple of weeks. I also sent out a package to him on July 3rd. He got it on our Anniversary; three business days. I was completely shocked. I filled up a flat rate box, insured it and sent it without any home made goodies at 7:30am before work. Now that I have a new Food Saver I am going to attempt to make some goodies tomorrow.

I put my notice in for work. I told them November 30th. I am just not happy with my jobs. That and it will give me enough time to get caught up on household stuff before Nathan gets home and my parents head out for a visit. I am not going to get into it all because it would be too long.

Our anniversary was depressing. Spending the day alone without really being able to celebrate is some what depressing. My idea of celebrating was ordering pizza, having a soda and plopping my butt on the couch. Nathan and I did get to video conference which was nice. It helped make a lonely day not seem so lonely.

Mom comes out in 2.5 weeks to help me celebrate my birthday. I am thinking that it really won’t be celebrating but more like a chance for me to have a pity party. I am honestly looking forward to that.

I went out today after yard work and a shower to go shopping. I stopped off at the Exchange and bought a new web cam; the Logitech QuikCam Communicate STX. Definitely better than the Logitech QuikCam Express. It even can be positioned on top of the laptop.

Nathan pulled a little trick on me before he left. He wrote a couple of cards and placed them in secret spots. He e-mails or sends me some clues when we video conference as to where to find a card. I have also found two cards when cleaning. I told him that is pretty sad that I am finding them now because he placed them before he left for deployment. I am not sure how far in advance he placed them but it made me feel like I don’t clean this house well enough  Anyway, the cards are very romantic and very helpful. Yes they have made me cry. I have a very thoughtful husband.

My grandparents sent me a nice treat. They bought and had sent to me Whoopie Pies from the Northeast. I eat one every weekend. It is how I have spoiled myself on the weekends. There are a dozen of them so enough to get through 12 weeks of deployment.

I think that is about it. I hope that all is going well with all the other spouses that are going through deployment. I hope that all is going well with friends and family everywhere. A very quick thank you to all those that check up on me and to all those that offer a lending ear. Thank You!

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