Sunday, May 28, 2006

The M Prize

This latest technology prize has not been brought into the publics eye yet but could easily be the most important research of our lives. The M prize is being awarded for significant advances in curing the World's deadliest (and most overlooked) disease: aging. The prize has quickly exceeded 3 million dollars and portions have already been awarded to a few scientists. One winner was able to increase the lifespan of mice to what would be 130+ years in a human. Hopefully the media will pickup on this soon so the publicity can give this research the boost it deserves. We saw what people did or invested to make a spaceship. Imagine what people will do or invest to live longer. Is anything more valuable than time?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where has all the good news gone?

Of all the places to hear about the benefits of good news I find it in an Aleve ad!

"A recent survey conducted for Aleve found that not only do Americans want more Good News, but hearing these stories can have a positive impact on their daily life.

Dr. David Bersoff, a known authority on the attitudes, value and behaviors of American consumers says, "When people hear good news, they feel better and feel good about the future. Americans not only crave a better balance in news with more positive, uplifting stories, but they need it. Reading and hearing about good news has a positive influence on human behavior, reinforcing the need for us all to pay attention and to share good news with others."

According to the survey:

94% say they want to hear more good news.
77% say the media do not give good news enough coverage."

Where is the good news in the media?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

No Parking

Just in back of our house is the back entrance to the Pearl Harbor Golf Course. Since they have been going under heavy construction lately we get a good amount of traffic from construction vehicles and workers. We've had a few park on our back lawn so we put up a no parking sign. Even with that they would still park on our lawn but they would move when we asked them to or left them a note, until yesterday.

About a month ago this beat up Red Isuzu pickup parked on our lawn. The little truck is in horrible shape with peeling paint and a front windshield that looks like someone punched it twice leaving two impact sites and numerous cracks. Definitely not something that is legal to drive. This was the second time he parked on our lawn so I left him a note in his wiper asking him politely not to. I came home for lunch and found the note on the ground, so I put it back under his wiper. That night when I came home the truck was gone and the note was on the ground again.

Yesterday the same red truck parked directly infront of our no parking sign. I was fed up but needed to go into work early so I did nothing. Rikki called the base police and gave a description of the man and the vehicle and asked it to be ticketed or towed. I came home for lunch and found the truck was still there with no ticket. It didn't surprise me, I doubted the base police would do anything. And, I think the jerk parking on our lawn knew that too. So I had to get creative.

I grabbed the scissors out of the kitchen and all the post-it notes I could find. I then spelled out NO PARKING in the driver side window (facing the road) with cut up post-its and then put the remaining (a few hundred post-its) on his hood, fender, and down the drivers side of the truck before I ran out. I figured that would make him think twice about parking here (if he has a sense of humor) and be a good example for all the other employees driving by.

I was hoping to catch him when he went to lunch but he never showed and I had to go back to work. I came home that afternoon after yet another cancelled flight and heard a few people talking out back. The culprit and a friend were removing all the post-its. I walked out to talk to the guy. He was a local and had a shaved head, sunglasses, and a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. I bet his other vehicle is a Harley. They became really quiet when I walked out there and the guy gave me a nasty look, he didn't have a very good sense of humor. I started to help pulling off all the post-its and asked him if he would "please stop parking on my lawn." He replied "are you going to stop putting shit on truck" I said "sure, if you stop parking on my lawn." He grumbled something about damaging his paint job and I better not do it again. I collected the post-its from him and his friend and they drove off.

This morning he parked on the neighbors lawn.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My First Camcorder

I have never bothered looking at Camcorders. They have always been too large and too inconvenient with their discs and tapes (who uses tapes anymore?). Until I heard about the new JVC hard drive camcorder. Finally someone figured it out, too bad Apple wasn't smart enough to expand their business towards this area, I bet they could have made it even smaller. I am a bit leery about being one of the first to buy the product, I'm sure it will have some bugs. But, the ability to play and edit directly from the camcorder is well worth the risk. So far it has worked flawlessly. I will probably need a new desktop to handle the video editing.