Thursday, March 30, 2006

Server Down Time

My Linksys wireless router died on me, I bought the thing when broadband wireless first came out 2.5 years ago. I gave linksys support a call in case I missed something really simple. I spent the next 30 minutes talking to a fellow from India with a decent grasp of English who went through all the basics. He kept asking what version I had. He finally figured out it was version 1. He tried very hard and I managed not to laugh when he said to me after holding: "Thank you for hold, I admire your patience" As I expected the router was dead, so he transferred me to the warranty department. I was very surprised to find out Linksys has a 3 year warranty on their products. But, I needed the receipt... who keeps receipts for that long? we do actually, we keep good records for our renters insurance. They shipped me a new one (version 5 now with much better encryption) 2nd day air. I am very impressed with Linksys.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Power Outage

Once again we lost 1/3rd of the power into the house. A different third from the last time about 6 months ago. We called it in and received a call back that they showed no failures in our area so they would not be coming out! But, the housing lady was helpful and sent out an electrician. He arrived in about an hour, I showed him the same things as before and 1 of 3 lines was reading 98 volts, so we were really getting a brownout that would turn into blackout if the demand was too high. He opened up the big junction box for the all the houses infront of the neighbors and there was smoke pouring out of it. Once again I'm guessing the wet weather caused it. He wrote it up and said he would call it in. Our hopes were not very high, but surprisingly PWC was out in the rain an hour later. From 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. they worked in the rain and lightning, digging out underneath the junction box. We were impressed. At 4 a.m. they rang the doorbell to tell us we were restored. Much better than the 2 days it took last time.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Funny Stuff

Three guys and a woman are stuck in an elevator. While they are stuck, they strike up a conversation.

The first guy says.......... "I'm a Y.U.P.P.I.E, you know..... Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful, Intelligent, Ecologist."

The second guy says.......... "I'm a D.I.N.K.Y., you know..... Double Income, No Kids, Yet."

The third guy says.......... "I'm a R.U.B, you know..... Rich, Urban, Biker."

They turn to the woman and ask her... "What are you?" She replies... "I'm a WIFE, you know..... Wash, Iron,
Fuck, Etc."

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mystery Shopping

One of the perks of Rikki's job (now full time, well 2 part time jobs) is that we get paid to critique restaurants and stores. We've done 3 restaurants so far. Along with numerous ABC Stores in Waikiki. Rikki was offered to do an alternative lifestyle bar, but she turned it down. Rikki does all the hard work writing up the reports. I just help her gather all the information to critique the stores on everything from cleanliness to how friendly the workers are. Gotta love the free meals, but there is alot of work reading and remembering the instructions beforehand on what to check and then actually doing it without looking too obvious. Once I do 30 of these we will be eligible for trips to the other Islands to do some mystery shopping there. Too bad it will take me another year or two to get 30 done.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Iraq on brink of Civil War! Again

How many times can Iraq be on the brink of civil war? A google search results in 401,000 matches since the war started.... Too bad people believe what the media reports, 80% believed it in a CNN poll. I guess if people say it often enough it must be true. People need to stop relying on the major media outlets for news. There are far more reliable sources out there, and it will continue to get better. Even CentCom is podcasting.