Friday, December 23, 2005

Lihue, Kauia

We pulled in at 8 and were suprised to find the Alamo shuttle waiting for us. We upgraded once again for the Sebring Tourig convertible and were off. First stop was the Wailua falls (and a cache). We were one of the first there and due to construction of an overlook we couldn't see very much of the falls. So I took the less travelled route while Rikki stayed with the car giving me some motherly advice as I hiked down into the woods. After a little slipping and sliding down a steep embankment and a few hurdles over the streams I was able to walk right out onto the top of the falls, it was a spectacular view.

We had decided that we didn't feel like visiting the West side of the island (waimea canyons) since we had seen enough hot desert wasteland on the big island. The drive up the East side of kauai was very nice and we found numerous empty beaches while geocaching once again. Several were a nasty hike but by far the best beaches we've seen so far. We found a large yellow research buoy washed up on the shore. Used the GPS to find the local police number, called them and they had me call someone else to report it. I'm surprised they didn't have me call the Coast Guard.

There is a ton of land and homes for sale all along the ocean front. Some gorgeous lots up on the hills overlooking the ocean. We stopped at the Kilauea lighthouse/bird sanctuary and grabbed a quick lunch at a local bistro. We continued all the way to the North shore and decided not to attempt to head back during rush hour. We spent sunset on an abandoned beach and finally headed back to the ship. Traffic at 7 p.m. was pretty bad, I can't imagine what rush hour must be like. Once back we were charged 10$ to park the car at the mall close to the pier (who ever worked that deal is making out) and grabbed a quick bite to eat on the ship before going to bed early. We are going to try to catch sunrise at Ninini lighthouse point tomorrow morning.

Day 2 Lihue
We were up early, we haven't been able to get back on schedule since our bike down haleakala. This worked out well since we wanted to watch the sunrise anyways. We took yet another treacherous back road faithfully following our GPS directions through a golf course and around the airport to a Ninini lighthouse. It is directly in the approach path I've shot half a dozen times to Lihue airport. We watched a nice sunrise, not as good as Haleakala's but still a nice one. We saw a few whales blow out in the distance but they also were not very active so early. We drove around the rest of the morning hitting 3 more geocaches and ended up watching the whales by the airport. They were breaching, slapping, and blowing in a few different areas. We wished we had remembered our binoculars.

We left early afternoon to cruise around the entire island and get a sunset view of the Napali coast. That was spectacular and will definitely have to hike up there some day. We hit 4-8 foot swells once again so Rikki went to bed early.

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