Saturday, December 03, 2005

Heightened Security

I came home late a few nights ago and was greeted by a couple security guards checking ID's at our normally unguarded base housing. I asked what got them to finally put up security? (the last we were told they could not afford guards). They said "several vehicles have come up missing" in our neighborhood. So they block off one entrance and have setup some cones and check ID's at the other. They write down your name, adress, car type and year. From the rumors it sounds like Hondas were the target of a rather large, island wide chop shop heist. Not sure how anyone can make much profit off of stealing cars on an island. But, the extra security is nice.

Our A/C unit was on the fritz the last few days. Today it finally went out with some rather impressive sparking (like a really big moth in a bug zapper) and alot of smoke. The repair guy came pretty quickly, but he has to put an order in and since it is over 300$ it has to be approved and who knows how long it will take. I guess Rikki will have to suffer in the hot 85 degrees without A/C while I'm gone.

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