Sunday, November 13, 2005

The long weekend

It was very nice to have a 3-day weekend. I realized it was this time last year that I first came to Hawaii during my cross-country flight from Jacksonville (I remembered the extreme lines at the Arizona Memorial, 200+ people waiting outside). We've done alot of touring the past few days. The Honolulu Zoo was very impressive. Much larger than I expected. The layout was poor, making you backtrack when coming to dead ends or to see a section that has more than one entrance/exit. Well worth the money though. The ladies did most of their shopping at the Swap Meet before being gouged at Waikiki and the malls.

We also visited the Waikiki Aquarium. Parking was a nightmare, but we got a decent spot after searching. The aquarium was a bit disappointing. What they had was well done, but they didn't have much and no air conditioning. It was unique since part of it was actually outdoors with fish and coral growing unprotected. The frogfish was interesting. After that we walked down the strip in Waikiki to the Hawaiian Hilton showing them all the sites. We ate at the Hale Koa on the veranda and watched the sunset. None of us thought the food was very good, except Rikki who didn't dare to try something new. We walked all of waikiki beach back to the aquarium and caught a little bit of a film about Senator Inouye (medal of honor recipient and long time Hawaiian politician).

Today I took the ladies to Hickam beach while the wife was teaching sunday school. We took Angel and she had a blast in the water, fetching sticks. Once Rikki was home we headed over to Kaneohe for champagne brunch at the Officer's Club. That was good as usual and I think I got Larissa hooked on Crab legs. After that I took them up to the top of radar road for a good view of the base, kaneohe bay, and kailua. We stopped by the hangar and a plane was available for a tour so they all were able to see the mighty P-3 up close and personal. We had planned to go to Bellows beach to meet Sue & Jerry but we were too slow doing everything else.

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