Wednesday, August 10, 2005

26th Birthday/Funny

The last time I posted was just before my b-day! Nathan was still on vacation and it was wonderful! I got home for work and hubby took me out for dinner. We got back from dinner and there were presents waiting for me! It was so nice to have him home for my b-day. He is now back to work and working what us civilians would call the evening shift.
We try to do as much as we can together on the weekends but lately our weekends have been tied up with events. Last weekend was the Hawaii Alumni gathering. We had a sendoff for the freshman that lived on the island. It was a rather pleasant evening. Hopefully we will get some pictures.
Work is going pretty well! I worked some overtime the last two weeks. Every week I learn something else. I am hoping that job will become full time in a years time!
Someone sent me this today and I thought that you would all like this:
God Saw you hungry & created McDonalds, Wendys, and Dairy Queen.
He saw you thirsty & created Diet Coke, Juice, Coffee and Water.
GOD saw you in the dark & created Light.
GOD saw you without a Good looking, adorable, FRIEND........
SO He created ME

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