Tuesday, June 28, 2005

OMG The Registration!

Ok, so today, after calling everyday last week and leaving messages at the dealerships, I finally have the registration and title to the new car in my hands. It took 9.5 weeks! I can't believe it. That should have only taken at max 6 weeks. So now I will finally be able to go and get a base sticker for this car.
In other news, I have been job searching and interviewing. I haven't been hired on by anyone as of yet. I will keep you posted though.
Just 9 more days till our 3rd Anniversary, OMG I can't even believe that it has been that long. Of course I have learned not to plan crap. Nathan's schedule is so screwed up that I can't even begin to rant about that. Heck I am not even putting plans together for the 4th because it is just easier to figure it out the day of.
The couple that had the incident is back on the mainland and are doing well so far. He is settled in at the hospital and has one more major surgery that is scheduled for next week and then he will have months of cosmetic surgeries there after. She is settled in an apartment and should be heading to work with the Baltimore Ravens soon. Yes ladies and gentleman, you read correctly, she will be an assistant for the Baltimore Ravens.
Two days ago we headed to the beach on Hickam. That was fun and very nice. The sandbars were awesome for Angel to go chasing sticks. Maybe now that things are calm I will get some pictures posted for everyone.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Getting Ready to Move On

On Sunday the 5th our neighbor was here trying to sell hubby's jeep. Since he is in the hospital and getting ready to head back to the mainland she is taking care of things. So she didn't sell the jeep because it may need a new battery and the guy that test drove it wasn't too happy about that. After all of that Nathan and I were invited to head up to the military hospital to see her hubby. Nathan and I sat with him for an hour. He looks so great compared to what he looked like when I saw him at Queens. He just has a feeding tube and a pain patch on. He was up, walking around and he was talking.
Tuesday the 7th our neighbor was at the house preparing for the movers. Myself and anther neighbor helped her clean up the house and get things ready for the movers. Her in-laws were with her helping organize things and take things off the wall. I brought her MIL up to the hospital and then spent the rest of the evening with her until the movers left.
Wednesday the 8th our neighbor showed back up at the house to wait for the cleaners. We finished sweeping and getting rid of some more things. We pulled out about 5 barrels of trash and put out any stuff on the sidewalk that she didn't want to keep. She left and took her car to get cleaned and then dropped it off at the shipping company. She came back after that and stayed until the cleaners were done.
Today our neighbor was here to jump start the jeep and move it. It may be the last time I see her before she leaves tonight to head back to the mainland.