Friday, April 29, 2005

Dining Out

The Dining Out was tonight. I wasn’t really looking forward to that but it was very interesting. There were plenty of presentations and skits. I of course didn’t understand most of it but you didn’t have to understand anything to get that the skits were just one group of officers picking on another group. I actually had a good time and dinner wasn’t too bad. Although we got served last and because of that there was major confusion on who ordered what and what was left for plates.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


This was sent to me today and I laughed hysterically. I just had to post this to the board.

A woman marries, and in five years has five children. Her husband dies. She remarries and has seven more children before her second husband croaks. Again she remarries. She has another five children before her third husband passes away. Two years later the woman kicks the bucket. At the funeral the priest looks at the casket and says "Lord, they're finally together." The woman's sister turns to her brother and asks "Which husband do you think he means?" The brother then replies, "I think he's referring to her legs."

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Under a Monkey Pod Tree

The last few weekends we've spent cleaning up the fenced in backyard and trying to grow some grass. The packed red dirt, birds, monkey pods, and constant downpouring of leaves have not helped. In a one week period we picked up a full garbage barrel of monkey pods and leaves. It turns out the monkey pods are a natural laxative.... that explains what is wrong with the dog, I hope she is smart enough to stop eating them. The Scotts grass seed we planted last week is growing decently in a few spots where it stayed wet longer. This week I will make sure to drench it. Now I just need to keep the birds from eating all the seeds, Angel does a pretty good job but she gets extremely dirty, we really need the grass so she stops tracking red everywhere.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

An Almost Brand New Car

We bought the 2003 Hyundai Accent 4D for just under 9,000. I didn't want to spend that much, but it is a nice car and it is still under warranty. They even took the piece of crap Previa as a trade. I just wouldn't feel right selling it or even giving it to a charity.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Car Shopping

We spent the evening looking for a car to replace the piece of junk Previa we bought last month. We started off at Aloha Hyundai down the road. Rikki picked out a Hyundai Accent out of about 6 vehicles that were all what we were looking for: 4D, roomy with trunk space. She test drove it and was impressed. It is loaded with only 10,000 miles. After about 3 hours of haggling we got them down to just 300$ above the blue book value (for private sale, not dealership) which is a good deal. I asked for lower of course and ended up walking out on them. I did the same thing with the truck back in 2002. I would not feel like I got a good deal unless they refuse my offer even when I walk out the door. We then went down to JN Chevrolet and didn't really see anything we liked. We tried the 2002 Saturn L200. It was more than we needed or wanted. Leather heated seats, traction control, 30k miles. We started haggling but I'd had enough and we got them down to about 9500 and then called it a night. We decided we'd go back to Hyundai tomorrow and pick up the Accent.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hitch Hiking

So today is the day that I bring in the piece of crap van that we purchased. I bring it in today because there is an early drop off program. There is also a free shuttle service. Of course when I drop off the van they can tell that I am going to need a new engine. The horrible knocking of the engine is a dead give away. They for warn me that it may be expensive. I tell them that I am aware of that and I leave the vehicle with them. I then proceed to ask about the free shuttle service and they tell me that there is no shuttle service offered after 3pm. I am stuck, since Nathan is at work with SDO duty. I decide to hitch hike home. As I am walking out onto the main road one of the mechanics notices me and pulls over and offers me a ride. He could only take me to the local mall and I say, “thank you.” He dropped me off and I started to walk home. I walked about a mile and realized it was too hot to be walking so I stopped at the nearest store and called a cab. It was about $13 to go from the store to the Exchange. I walked the 2 blocks to get home. I immediately took a shower when I got in the door. Could things possibly get any worse?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Back Online

After over 3 months we are back online. I just finished upgrading the server so we can both get back to the website when we have the time.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Back in Touch with the World

9am in the morning we are scheduled for Cable and Internet set-up. The gentleman got here at 9:15pm. Dang just missed out of free set-up. Anyway he was here for 3 hours cutting cable and setting up. We have a DVR box and a newer modem from Time Warner. The interactive TV is pretty cool. We can play right along with the game shows, we can record our favorite TV shows and we can rewind live TV. But of course most of all we are finally back in touch with world. I am however extremely disappointed with the fact that is took a month to get service. That is just not cool and there is no excuse for it. This along with many other things just proves that Customer Service on this island seriously lacks!

Monday, April 11, 2005

In-Laws Vacation

After getting our household goods scheduled I had the house cleaned, organized and moved in by March 25. The evening of the 25 we went to go pick up Angel at 9pm. She was in our hands at 9:30pm. We got her home and gave her a bath. She spent the entire night sniffing and searching out the house. I don’t think that she slept at all but we are sure that she must have slept the majority of the 20 hour flight time out to Hawaii.
Come Monday evening, March 28, Nathan’s parents arrived for their 2 week visit/vacation.
We spent time out shopping at the Exchange, swap meet, King’s Village, and Commissary. We went and saw Punchbowl, USS Arizona, USS Missouri, Victoria Ward Center, Round Top, Waikiki, Dole Plantation, Pipeline, Shark’s Cove, North Shore, Halona Blow Hole, Hanauma Bay, Chinaman’s Hat, Kaneohe Bay and Bellows Air Force Base Beach. We are at numerous places from Kaneohe Bay O’Club to Hale Koa to home to delivery in.
Of course I think that FIL and MIL will tell you that the best time they had was when we were driving up to Round Top and the crap van that I bought overheated. We were about 600ft from the parking lot so FIL, Sue and Jerry jumped out to push the van. I had MIL in the van with me. Just as I cranked the wheel to park the van, I had the break peddle to the floor and MIL using a high toned voiced saying, “Rikki stop this van!” The van stopped as it started to incline and just before it reached the highest point to fall over the cliff. Let me tell you I won’t forget that and MIL won’t let me forget it either. How the DIL tried to kill her MIL.
April 10th the day before they left I had a surprise party for Nathan’s 29th B-day. We had dinner at home and then we sat down to watch a DVD, The Incredibles, one of his b-day gifts. Half way through the movie we stopped to have Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake and open gifts. We finished watching the movie after gifts and then we headed for bed. The in-laws stayed up to watch another movie.
April 11th I made breakfast, straightened up the house and then got ready. The in-laws ate, packed, went for a walk, took showers and then just relaxed until we got ready to take them to the airport. WOW is it crazy with people leaving Hawaii to head back to the mainland. We dropped of the in-laws at the ticket counter and found out that was wrong. One needs to go through customs to fill out forms for anything they are taking back to the mainland with them. One then goes through agriculture where your luggage, not your carry on, gets scanned. One can then head to the ticket counter to check in. We walked with them to the security gate and said goodbye there.