Sunday, February 06, 2005

Old Routines/SuperBowl

Nathan spent a couple of hours on the phone with United Airlines trying to get our flight itinerary and flight day rescheduled. He was transferred a handful of times, of course, and he had to do that for 2 separate itineraries but he did it. We are finally scheduled to leave from Burlington, VT to Honolulu, HI on February 21st. So after all of those games things are finally taken care of.
The rest of the week was relaxing but in a way like I never left home. We ran kids back and forth, helped clean the house, did some cooking, grocery shopping and visited friends and family.
Tuesday the 8th was the only day that we really left the house. We went and had dinner with a high school friend. I got to meet her beautiful children and some of the other girls from high school. It is amazing how much everyone changes and grows.
This weekend mom had a family gathering planned at the house. The gathering was in honor of our return home. Mom had a series of things that she wanted to get done during the weekend. Aunt Anne, Uncle Steven and their kids were the only ones that could make it. Saturday was a busy day. We had family photos taken. Various pictures were taken between the two families separately and of the two families together. Kevin did an awesome job with the photos. Kevin is a fellow peer of mine from college and is a close friend of the family.
After the photos were taken everyone headed back to the house. Kandi had to get ready for an away hockey game. Katy drove her to school so that she could head to St. Albans. When Katy got back we had lunch. The rest of the afternoon the kids headed out to play on the ice rink. Angel went out to play with the kids for a little while on the ice. Of course her idea of having fun was taking the hockey puck away from the kids before they could get to it. It was funny watching her out there skidding around.
Saturday evening we played various games and of course we all got a little excited. Especially me when it comes to the topic of music. We played various board games, cards, and DVD games. After about 5 games Nathan and I headed to bed.
Sunday morning we headed out to a Winters Family gathering in Williamstown. Before we left we said goodbye to Aunt Anne, Uncle Steve and the kids. We had Sunday brunch before the game at Nathan’s Aunt. She got a chance to show of her new house to us. And of course every one ate a lot. We left Angel with the kids at home.
After breakfast we headed back home to prepare for the SuperBowl! I helped mom get some things ready; chicken wings, potato wedges, Chex Mix and cold tonic. We pigged out during the game. Of course the game was awesome and the Patriots won. If you missed it shame on you!
After the game Nathan and I headed to bed.

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