Friday, February 25, 2005

In Hawaii

Getting up early was hard. I haven’t been up that early since college. We arrived at the airport at 4:30am for our flight at 6am. Of course it was snowing but we were hopeful that our flight wasn’t going to be cancelled. We were delayed 45min because of icing and the snow. The landing at Chicago was rough but that is just me and my motion sickness. It was cloudy but it wasn’t snowing so that was a good sign. However we had an hour delay because of mechanical problems with the AC. We were off again. With about 3 hours left in our flight we hit some nasty turbulance. Our final landing at the Honolulu International Airport was worse than the landing in Chicago but once we stepped off the plane I was fine. Nathan snapped lots of pictures of the island as we started the decent. Hello Hawaii the Winters are finally here!
Friends of ours from Pensacola were waiting at the airport to pick us up. They were nice enough to pick us up and to allow us to stay with them for a couple of days. Our second and third day in Hawaii was spent getting settled in and checking in where we needed to.
Of course one of the places that we needed to stop off at was at base housing. We had been on the list for about 7 months when we arrived so we thought that we wouldn’t have a problem. Well guess again! It was another 7 month wait on the island before you couldn’t even look at a house on base. So we signed up for TLA and 24 hours later we were approved. So we spent the week at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel on Waikiki.
Today we checked our placement on the housing waiting list. We hadn’t moved at all on the list. So we sat down and decided that since the housing market was so great and the turn around sale on a house was about a week we thought that we wouldn’t have a problem buying a home. So we decided to contact some realtors.
The next month and a half was spent searching for a house to buy. In the meantime we spent a week at Radisson Prince Kuhio and then we spent the following two and a half weeks after that at Ohana Waikiki Village.
One day, after being very upset and aggravated, I spent the day searching on the web. I happened to come to a web page for the civilian company building the new housing at Pearl Harbor. I thought hmm that would be nice, a new house and on base. So we wouldn’t own it but it would be ours. Well for the heck of it I thought that I would look at availability. Ok so there weren’t any new homes available for 6 months but some of the older housing on base that they were taking over had homes available immediately. So I called this company and they told me to call the housing office at Pearl Harbor and that is how I could sit and meet with them. So I then called housing at Pearl Harbor. I set up an appointment. I signed some papers after we got a release letter from Kaneohe housing and also gave them a POA since hubby wasn’t with me. So we checked out of Ohana and checked into the Navy Lodge at Kaneohe. We spent 5 days there. Monday morning I went and looked at a house and agreed to take it. So I spent the next two hours on the phone getting our goods scheduled for shipment. Finally we will be settled in :)

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