Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Moving Pains

I have been slacking on my posting since I'm finally home and I can talk to the people that I normally post for. I will just summarize the important stuff over the past few weeks. We made it to Boston without any major problems and spent 5 days at Rikki's grandparents. We were greeted with below zero temperatures and 2 snowshowers.

We left Rikki's grandparents and made it to Rikki's house house in decent time except for some accidents around Boston that delayed us about 45 minutes. We dropped off some things at Rikki's and then drove to Cabot. The next week was spent with the oldest brother and kids. By this time we were both a bit sick and the temperature continued to drop. -15 (without wind chill) one morning.
The next week was spent with my parents in their new house followed by a weekend with the middle bro in their new house. We managed to go to our niece's basketball game which my brother coaches (6th grade). The ref didn't have any shoes so bro gave up his own so the game could go on. We both enjoyed the game very much and our niece had 2 good rebounds.

Now we are spending 2 weeks with Rikki's family before a final week with my parents.

Our flight itinerary is finally completed. It only took about 2 dozen phone calls, a dozen emails including printing, filling out, scanning, and emailing back adobe .pdf forms they "forgot" to have me fill out earlier. All this over 3 weeks of "vacation time." I have never had such a horrible move and we haven't even moved yet.