Sunday, February 20, 2005

Getting Ready to Fly Out!

So the rest of the week has been fairly relaxing. Friday the 18th I did laundry and then in the evening I made cupcakes for the family gathering on Saturday. Saturday morning we packed all of our bags and then I helped MIL get some things ready for the family dinner. As everyone arrived we all took our seats at the table. When everyone arrived we sat down and ate. After dinner various family photos were taken. After photos we all sat back down and had dessert. Once everyone left I helped the in-laws clean up the kitchen.
Sunday the 20th we got up and got all the bags packed. Sunday morning Nathan bundled Angel up and went out snowshoeing with his mother, uncle and grandfather. They all stopped off to help finish leftovers for lunch and to go out snowshoeing. When they got back from their walk we all sat down and had lunch. After lunch company left. I sat down with Angel and said goodbye. I explained to her that we would see her in a month and that she had to be good for grandma and grandpa. As we packed and left she was whimpering. I had never felt so sad .
The drive to Burlington was long but it wasn’t bad. I didn’t get sick and we made it in time for check in at the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel I couldn’t believe how much we really had packed for this PCS. Looking for the room was rather interesting. Nathan had surprised me and reserved a room with a Jacuzzi. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently everyone knew about the surprise except me. The in-laws were impressed. They helped us get settled into the hotel and then they left. Nathan wanted us to have a relaxing day before we got to the hectic rush of the move and settling in at Hawaii. It was a wonderful evening!

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