Friday, February 25, 2005

In Hawaii

Getting up early was hard. I haven’t been up that early since college. We arrived at the airport at 4:30am for our flight at 6am. Of course it was snowing but we were hopeful that our flight wasn’t going to be cancelled. We were delayed 45min because of icing and the snow. The landing at Chicago was rough but that is just me and my motion sickness. It was cloudy but it wasn’t snowing so that was a good sign. However we had an hour delay because of mechanical problems with the AC. We were off again. With about 3 hours left in our flight we hit some nasty turbulance. Our final landing at the Honolulu International Airport was worse than the landing in Chicago but once we stepped off the plane I was fine. Nathan snapped lots of pictures of the island as we started the decent. Hello Hawaii the Winters are finally here!
Friends of ours from Pensacola were waiting at the airport to pick us up. They were nice enough to pick us up and to allow us to stay with them for a couple of days. Our second and third day in Hawaii was spent getting settled in and checking in where we needed to.
Of course one of the places that we needed to stop off at was at base housing. We had been on the list for about 7 months when we arrived so we thought that we wouldn’t have a problem. Well guess again! It was another 7 month wait on the island before you couldn’t even look at a house on base. So we signed up for TLA and 24 hours later we were approved. So we spent the week at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel on Waikiki.
Today we checked our placement on the housing waiting list. We hadn’t moved at all on the list. So we sat down and decided that since the housing market was so great and the turn around sale on a house was about a week we thought that we wouldn’t have a problem buying a home. So we decided to contact some realtors.
The next month and a half was spent searching for a house to buy. In the meantime we spent a week at Radisson Prince Kuhio and then we spent the following two and a half weeks after that at Ohana Waikiki Village.
One day, after being very upset and aggravated, I spent the day searching on the web. I happened to come to a web page for the civilian company building the new housing at Pearl Harbor. I thought hmm that would be nice, a new house and on base. So we wouldn’t own it but it would be ours. Well for the heck of it I thought that I would look at availability. Ok so there weren’t any new homes available for 6 months but some of the older housing on base that they were taking over had homes available immediately. So I called this company and they told me to call the housing office at Pearl Harbor and that is how I could sit and meet with them. So I then called housing at Pearl Harbor. I set up an appointment. I signed some papers after we got a release letter from Kaneohe housing and also gave them a POA since hubby wasn’t with me. So we checked out of Ohana and checked into the Navy Lodge at Kaneohe. We spent 5 days there. Monday morning I went and looked at a house and agreed to take it. So I spent the next two hours on the phone getting our goods scheduled for shipment. Finally we will be settled in :)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Getting Ready to Fly Out!

So the rest of the week has been fairly relaxing. Friday the 18th I did laundry and then in the evening I made cupcakes for the family gathering on Saturday. Saturday morning we packed all of our bags and then I helped MIL get some things ready for the family dinner. As everyone arrived we all took our seats at the table. When everyone arrived we sat down and ate. After dinner various family photos were taken. After photos we all sat back down and had dessert. Once everyone left I helped the in-laws clean up the kitchen.
Sunday the 20th we got up and got all the bags packed. Sunday morning Nathan bundled Angel up and went out snowshoeing with his mother, uncle and grandfather. They all stopped off to help finish leftovers for lunch and to go out snowshoeing. When they got back from their walk we all sat down and had lunch. After lunch company left. I sat down with Angel and said goodbye. I explained to her that we would see her in a month and that she had to be good for grandma and grandpa. As we packed and left she was whimpering. I had never felt so sad .
The drive to Burlington was long but it wasn’t bad. I didn’t get sick and we made it in time for check in at the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel I couldn’t believe how much we really had packed for this PCS. Looking for the room was rather interesting. Nathan had surprised me and reserved a room with a Jacuzzi. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently everyone knew about the surprise except me. The in-laws were impressed. They helped us get settled into the hotel and then they left. Nathan wanted us to have a relaxing day before we got to the hectic rush of the move and settling in at Hawaii. It was a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Heading back to Cabot

The last week I spent with my family it was a little difficult and a little frustrating. Monday I helped run around and pick and drop off kids. During the day it was snowing. It was that nasty heavy, wet snow. By the end of the day there wasn’t just a couple of inches outside there was almost a foot of snow. I took Kristi to her evening dance class and even sat to watch her for a little bit. It was nice to see Sue again. It is also great that now she has a bigger studio to teach in. I went back and picked up Kristi when she was done.
Tuesday I got together with Tanya for lunch. It was great talking and seeing her after everything she had been through. I really love you sweetie and am always here! That afternoon I got home and helped cook supper. Dad got home late from softball practice.
Wednesday I went to the school to stop off at the engineering department. We visited with a lot of people. I saw Oma and she said to stop off and see Opa. After our visit to the engineering office we went to stop off and see Opa. He was sick and it was hard to see him not feeling well. We still sat down and talked with him for a little while. Then we headed home. Wednesday evening we went and saw a friend of mine from dance. We stopped at her house to have cake and visit with her family. It was nice to catch up with them and I miss them. The girls know they could/can come to me when something was/is wrong. It was so nice to be able to meet up with them while we were home.
Thursday we headed to the Online Graduate Program. We stopped to see everyone there for a little bit. Then the rest of the day was spent getting kids back and forth from hockey. Thursday night we went and saw one of Kandi’s games. Of course she didn’t play at all and she was a bench warmer but she was a good bench warmer. Those girls are unbelievable. They play their hardest while they are out there and they enjoy themselves at the same time.
Friday was fairly relaxing. In the morning I took mom to DMV. We switched titleship of the car to my and moms name. That took some time but it was a good thing that we were there first thing in the morning. We had plenty of people around to help us fill out the forms and get our questions answered. Then it just took 5 minutes to get the paperwork processed. It would take a week or two before my mom got the new title. We got back to the house and then mom called the insurance company to get the car under their policy. Mom took care of that but it was going to take till Monday before she heard for sure that everything was processed ok. After that I went to try to see a former boss but she wasn’t in work. The rest of the day was fairly relaxing. It wasn’t till the evening when things got a little crazy. Nathan and I got together with the girls from high school. We had dinner and then we went to Norwich to watch Family Feud. That was entertaining and interesting being back in the same room with crazy freshman. After the game we headed back to the Tyner household. We played some games and then called it an evening. It was great seeing the girls from school again.
Saturday we didn’t do much of anything really. We went grocery shopping for mom and we took Kristi with us. OMG!! I almost had a heart attack. We took two carts with us when we went shopping. I couldn’t believe we filled both of them to the max. We get to the register and when the lady is done the total is $329. OMG!! It had been a while since I had done grocery shopping for mom that I had forgotten how much she spent.
Sunday I got up and cooked brunch for whomever was home. Most of the younger kids were up and out of the house already for their hockey tournament games. Then the rest of the day was rather lazy. Nothing really exciting happened for the rest of the day.
Monday was V-day! I took mom to her mammogram. That was a 2 hour event. Just to check in with patient information and then wait for her to be seen. When I got home Nathan and I exchanged V-day gifts. Nathan got me an awesome solar powered Swarovski crystal. It was just beautiful. I put it up in the window in the room right away because it was actually sunny. All the rainbows were just great. I gave Nathan his gift. I bought him a leather wallet with money clip and clear ID window. I thought that this would be good for his military ID so that he wouldn’t have to pull it out of his wallet or at least so that he wouldn’t have to search for it everytime at the gate. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry to prepare for our trip back to Cabot.
Tuesday we packed the bags and got ready to head out. Katy took us to Barre where Nathan’s mom was going to drive us back to Cabot. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone. I realize that I will be missing even more of their lives and the next time I am home they will all be taller and wiser  Anyway, I didn’t get sick on the trip to Cabot, YAY!! Tuesday night Nathan’s dad cooked a big supper. We didn’t do much of anything except relax for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Moving Pains

I have been slacking on my posting since I'm finally home and I can talk to the people that I normally post for. I will just summarize the important stuff over the past few weeks. We made it to Boston without any major problems and spent 5 days at Rikki's grandparents. We were greeted with below zero temperatures and 2 snowshowers.

We left Rikki's grandparents and made it to Rikki's house house in decent time except for some accidents around Boston that delayed us about 45 minutes. We dropped off some things at Rikki's and then drove to Cabot. The next week was spent with the oldest brother and kids. By this time we were both a bit sick and the temperature continued to drop. -15 (without wind chill) one morning.
The next week was spent with my parents in their new house followed by a weekend with the middle bro in their new house. We managed to go to our niece's basketball game which my brother coaches (6th grade). The ref didn't have any shoes so bro gave up his own so the game could go on. We both enjoyed the game very much and our niece had 2 good rebounds.

Now we are spending 2 weeks with Rikki's family before a final week with my parents.

Our flight itinerary is finally completed. It only took about 2 dozen phone calls, a dozen emails including printing, filling out, scanning, and emailing back adobe .pdf forms they "forgot" to have me fill out earlier. All this over 3 weeks of "vacation time." I have never had such a horrible move and we haven't even moved yet.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Old Routines/SuperBowl

Nathan spent a couple of hours on the phone with United Airlines trying to get our flight itinerary and flight day rescheduled. He was transferred a handful of times, of course, and he had to do that for 2 separate itineraries but he did it. We are finally scheduled to leave from Burlington, VT to Honolulu, HI on February 21st. So after all of those games things are finally taken care of.
The rest of the week was relaxing but in a way like I never left home. We ran kids back and forth, helped clean the house, did some cooking, grocery shopping and visited friends and family.
Tuesday the 8th was the only day that we really left the house. We went and had dinner with a high school friend. I got to meet her beautiful children and some of the other girls from high school. It is amazing how much everyone changes and grows.
This weekend mom had a family gathering planned at the house. The gathering was in honor of our return home. Mom had a series of things that she wanted to get done during the weekend. Aunt Anne, Uncle Steven and their kids were the only ones that could make it. Saturday was a busy day. We had family photos taken. Various pictures were taken between the two families separately and of the two families together. Kevin did an awesome job with the photos. Kevin is a fellow peer of mine from college and is a close friend of the family.
After the photos were taken everyone headed back to the house. Kandi had to get ready for an away hockey game. Katy drove her to school so that she could head to St. Albans. When Katy got back we had lunch. The rest of the afternoon the kids headed out to play on the ice rink. Angel went out to play with the kids for a little while on the ice. Of course her idea of having fun was taking the hockey puck away from the kids before they could get to it. It was funny watching her out there skidding around.
Saturday evening we played various games and of course we all got a little excited. Especially me when it comes to the topic of music. We played various board games, cards, and DVD games. After about 5 games Nathan and I headed to bed.
Sunday morning we headed out to a Winters Family gathering in Williamstown. Before we left we said goodbye to Aunt Anne, Uncle Steve and the kids. We had Sunday brunch before the game at Nathan’s Aunt. She got a chance to show of her new house to us. And of course every one ate a lot. We left Angel with the kids at home.
After breakfast we headed back home to prepare for the SuperBowl! I helped mom get some things ready; chicken wings, potato wedges, Chex Mix and cold tonic. We pigged out during the game. Of course the game was awesome and the Patriots won. If you missed it shame on you!
After the game Nathan and I headed to bed.