Monday, December 27, 2004

Thomas Hamill

I went to Barnes & Noble across the street this morning and hunted for a book to read. I have not read a book recreationally in at least 2 years. After searching for about 30 minutes through their horrible arrangement I picked out "The Escape in Iraq." The book surprised me, Thomas Hamill took the job in Iraq to literally save his farm. He reminded me alot of Dad with his no nonsense, quiet, and humble nature. He definitely had alot of common sense and handled himself extremely well in some very difficult circumstances. His numerous Iraqi captors were generally decent and gives me new hope and insight into the Iraqi people. Many of his captors wanted to let him go and even told him so. It was a good fast read with a fresh perspective about the Iraqi people and how an untrained civilian can overcome even the worst situations in captivity. It did not sound like he ever showed fear, tried to appease his captors, or lost control.

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