Monday, December 20, 2004

Something you won't see in the old media

About a week ago when Donald Rumsfeld fielded questions from military members a Mr. Wilson asked a harsh question given to him by a reporter about why their humvee's were not armored. What you won't hear is that of his companies 830 humvee's only 20 were not armored and those 20 were scheduled to be armored the next day. The day after he asked every humvee for his unit had armor. Of course this isn't important to the media.

The real problem resides in Congress, they have only approved funding for 29,000 of the 35,000 vehicles that need armor. John McCain and several other senators have placed the blame on Rumsfeld. I thought I liked John McCain, but he is blaming Rumsfeld over a problem he has direct responsibility for. McCain's job includes direct oversight of DOD expenditures.

"and that... is the rest of the story."

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