Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Toys

We stopped off at Office Depot today and bought a new printer. We went for the no frills 50$ HP 3650. It seemed pointless to buy an expensive printer loaded with extra's we would never use. Also a major deciding factor is ink replacement costs. Pretty sad when the cost of a new printer is equivalent to replacing the ink cartridges in our old HP 812C.

I also spent several hours picking out a new cellphone. Rikki and I wanted to stick with Motorola since our Startacs have worked flawlessly for the past 3 years. Verizon has been pushing their LG phones, they always seemed cheap to me. But after several hours reading reviews on the Internet I decided on the LG VX7000. It is sold out at Verizon Wireless Online. It is loaded with everything you would expect from a new phone minus that annoying speakerphone. The 7000 recently dropped in price from 249 to 149 and we worked a deal to get the 2 phones for free after a 50$ mail in rebate. Rikki had a blast setting up her phone, doing it all herself including her own ring tone "Rikki don't lose that number." I of course chose what I have been using for my IM sound since ICQ came out; the Monty Python sound bit "Message for you sir."

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