Friday, December 17, 2004

The Ebay Craze

I am working on some house cleaning before yet another move so I decided to put some old electronics up for auction on ebay. 8 items all with a starting bid of .01 and no reserve (minimum price to sell). I am already impressed with the results. I am not expecting to sell everything (especially our old motorolla phones) but it is better than pitching them into the dumpster. I did not even bother to put up our old printer on ebay. There were a few there already and only one of them was selling.... at 1$. I've looked around for charities or other places that would want it, could not find anyone. I will put up a note by the mailbox saying it is free, maybe someone will want it.

I would expect to start seeing "Ebay" stores replacing all the pawn shops and even moving into areas that have never had pawn shops before. These professional ebayers will charge a slight fee to sell your goods for you and run a store front for a small portion of their sales. Many small stores have made the transition that... ceptuples? (100X, 1000X) or more their customer base.

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