Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Angel on the loose

Rikki and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. It was nice out so we opened the glass sliding door out to the patio. The patio is screened in so Angel ran out there as usual to stare menacingly at the lizards, squirrels, and ducks. Several minutes later we hear Angel barking.... from a distance. Rikki and I look at each with the exact same expression of shock on our faces and head out the door. Angel is out by the pond barking at some poor old lady that must have tried to pet her. I yelled at her to come back and she did. I'm surprised she stayed around.

Turns out she went through the screen door. But, we were sitting about 5 feet away and can hear when she pushes on it. So she must have quietly "pulled" the screening out of its indent (If she tore it or pushed through we would have heard it) and then jumped over the lower part of the door without hitting it or making any sound.

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