Friday, July 02, 2004

Work Brought Home/Spiderman 2/Norwich Students

I brought work home with me this weekend. I knew that I would be off on Monday and I have to turn in my monthly report on Thursday. Since the office is closed for the three day weekend I know that there will be other things to catch up on. I was glad that I brought home some work because Nathan has kept himself pretty busy with studying for classes. It was either bring work home or bake all weekend and I don’t think either one of us would have really appreciated my baking. I can save that for our anniversary.
I got home from work and had lunch and then we headed out to see Spiderman 2. It was awesome! I actually enjoyed it better than Spiderman. It was probably because of the bigger romance plot in this one and because the graphics were just too cool. If you haven’t seen Spiderman 2 yet shame on you!
On our way home from the movie we saw a Norwich grad! Yes it was an engineering grad but it was someone that both Nathan and I have had classes with. I couldn’t be sure at first that it was who I thought it was. When Nathan pulled over to get the mail I tried to walk over to see him but had gone upstairs. I called mom and asked if she knew where he lived and she said she wasn’t sure. So I took Angel out for a walk and sure enough it was him. He has been living here for a while. That is so wrong because we have been living here since the end of April and we hadn’t seen him before. He lives about three buildings away from us. Anyway he is doing well and my parents got into trouble because they are suppose to know everything and apparently they don’t. Hopefully he will stop by to visit.

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