Saturday, July 31, 2004


I picked up Kalah early this morning. We had breakfast before we headed to the mall. We stopped at Denny's. Made it to the mall about 20 minutes early but there were some stores open, JCPenney, Sears, Old Navy. By the time we were done looking through Sears the rest of the mall opened. Kalah and I had fun making fun of some of the clothes and picking out the cute clothes. It is so amazing how clothes from the 70's are so in now. Some of the skirts that look like carpets or some of the clothes that we know aren't meant for our body types. We stopped to drop some of the bags in the car before we headed out for lunch. After lunch we had enough time to stop off at one more store and then of course to stop and see the cute puppies before we headed out the door. There was an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier for sale. He was so cute and darker in fur color than Angel. He was $630 which is one of the cheapest prices I have seen! I got home around 4pm and had some time to unpack the bags and then take a bath to get ready for church. I am home now and making supper. Thank you Kalah for a great day out!

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