Thursday, July 29, 2004

Odds and Ends

I always run across a thing or two every week that I try to remember to write down here. The funniest of which was the latest deal from Kia "buy one car, get a second car FREE!".... no I'm not joking. Also on a game I've been playing for a while (SecondLife) I went to a meeting held by a couple real life doctors on Asthma (one junior M.D. another 20+ yrs Pulmonology and Critical Care). I learned a few new things.

from Doc: "there are some reports of [steroid inhalers] causing cataracts over the long term ... the spray getting into the eyes" this is new and still not fully researched, but the lawsuits have begun.

"Steroids taken for years and years...make someone's skin very delicate, too" "the skin gets thin"

I didn't really know steroids hampers your immune system and that over time it can actually damage it. If anyone has questions I can forward them to him. Nice to be able to get a free 2nd opinion.

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