Saturday, July 24, 2004

Early Birthday Present

Nathan took me out for dinner tonight. I saw a commercial for Friendly's today and was ecstatic. I had been craving a Reese's Pieces Sunday for a while now. We didn't think that Friendly's was a Southern thing! It was completely packed and we waited a couple of minutes for a table. The restaurant was not that big. At least it didn't seem like it was a big dining area. We went later in the evening so we are glad that we only had to wait a short time. We stuffed ourselves and had that Sunday after dinner. The menu has changed in the last three years. That is how long it has been since we last ate at Friendly's. Then again maybe the menu was just bigger because we are actually in a city and not in a small town in Vermont. It took about 2 hours to eat and leave which isn't bad. This was an early birthday present because we both know Nathan will be studying on Monday night for a flight on Tuesday morning. Thank you hun :)

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