Monday, July 26, 2004

Big 25!

It is my birthday! YUCK the big 25! That is 5 years from 30 and half way to 50 which is half way to death! Kind of depressing. I got up this morning and felt like I was getting old. I can feel the wrinkles and see the thinning hair. Let's not forget about the glasses/contacts so the eyes have been getting old for a while now. I won't even begin to talk about this body, definitely not in shape. I worked today and came home to presents and the dog. I got clothes, jewelry, scrapbooking materials, money and the ok from hubby to go shopping :) Now if that doesn't make a girl happy I don't know what will! So I am already planning a shopping trip this weekend. I called Kalah to see if she would like to go with me. Nathan asked not to be dragged along and shopping is always fun when you can hang out with the girls!
My Brothers and Sisters called before supper to sing to me! That was scary. You guys need some singing lessons! But it was sweet of them to call. Things are hectic at the house.
Thank you all for the cards and gifts and sharing my birthday with me even though we are miles apart :)

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nate said...

I keep telling her not to look at it as "being 25." Think of it as being halfway to 50 or 1/4 of a century old.