Wednesday, July 07, 2004

2nd Anniversary!

Our Second Anniversary today! WOW it has already been two years. It is amazing how time flies. It was a nice, quiet, anniversary at home. I got home from work and cleaned a little and started to get the table ready for dinner. I pulled out the wedding glasses and the wedding candle and set the places. Nathan got home just as I finished that. I sat down for a little bit and relaxed. I then started on dinner. I used the leftover turkey from the night before to make turkey dumplings. This is one of our favorite meals and I haven't made it in a while. After dinner I went and frosted the cupcakes while Nathan took care of the dishes. I made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese filling. Once I got the cupcakes frosted we exchanged gifts. Nathan got his 100% cotton blanket. Nathan bought me a new Emeril pan, pizza cutter and the 2004 Annual Edition Swarovski Collectors piece. NO I am not spoiled! Crystal isn't till the third of 25th anniversary! Geesh! We also received lots of cards and anniversary wishes. Thank you to all of those that sent us anniversary wishes!

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