Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Brother's Bad Knee

I had called mom to ask her some questions and in doing this I got some info about what is going on at home. My brother, David, the same one that got the hockey stick to the ear, may possibly need surgery. The poor kid has had a growth on his knee for the last three weeks and didn’t say anything about it. I believe because he was scared and because it wasn’t bothering him. He went to see the doctor and it was determined to be a tissue growth. Apparently the same kind of tissue growth that a lot of basketball players encounter. Something about the cartilage being worn out a little because of all the jumping they do. Anyway he is icing it off and on for 15 minutes and taking an aspirin. No physical activities for him. The doctor was hoping that this would get rid of it. If not then they will try to drain it and if that doesn’t work surgery. I am hoping that it will go away and he will not need surgery. After everything that he went through with the ear I really don’t want to see him go through surgery. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for the time being.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Nasty afternoon thunderstorms came through the area. So bad in fact that I didn’t go to church these last two weekends. The lightening was horrible and it just poured for almost a good 2 hours. I really haven’t minded the rain so much. Since the beginning of June when the afternoon thunderstorms rolled through Jacksonville our area never got rain. It was always either north of us of south of us. It is the lightening that bothers me, especially since we are surrounded by trees here at the apartment complex.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Navy Career Info for Spouses

There was a meeting tonight for Navy Spouses in regards to career info. The meeting was to help spouses understand what is offered to the guys in the military and how pay with rank compares to out in the civilian world. One of the local detailers provided info about what he does and what he tries to do to help out the service member. There was a guest speaker, a retired Navy pilot, who now works for American Airlines. He seemed to pull in attention from the guys.
Some of the more interesting information given to us at this meeting was: that the Navy is one of the top 5 high paying jobs in the US. That is even above an engineer with the current job market. That was rather depressing. Problem explains why I haven’t been able to find work. The military pension adjusts with Inflation or for all the business people out there adjusts to the Consumer Price Index. There are also numerous places that are out there to help the military spouse find work. Some of these places I knew about but then again there were those that I never heard of before. They are Adecco Staffing Agency, Military Spouse Resource Center, Lifelines and Navy One Source.
The meeting in all lasted about 2 hours. I was glad Nathan told me about it and that we decided to go. Troy and Kayla carpooled with us and we all went to dinner after the meeting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My New Toy

I really didn't need this. But I couldn't pass up the deal the Navy exchange was having. Especially since it is a brand name, HP Pavillion zv5120us. After the rebates it is just $999. I got the 4th of the 6 they had in stock at the exchange and the sale started today.

I just finished updating and configuring the basics on it. Very nice, HP only had one update that didn't even require a reboot. I was impressed. Of course Windows took about 5 updates/reboots and Norton Antivirus 3 (only a 2 month subscription, will switch to AVG when it runs out). The laptop is bigger than my last one, but it doesn't seem to get as hot and I really like the bigger screen. Several features added that are nice to have, scrolling mousepad, on/off integrated wireless, and a video card that can handle everything I want to do.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Boeing Wins

This will make alot of people happy, including me.

Friday, June 11, 2004

First Month Evaluation

Friday Pastor takes the day off since he works all day on Sunday. So when I went in this morning I could check the e-mail first thing. When I checked it there were a couple of messages for me stating that at the Council Meeting last night great things were heard about me and the job that I am doing. I have met some of the Council Members but not all of them.
The President of the Council drops by the office often and last week he started bringing in some treats for Nathan and I, fresh veggies from the garden, YUM! I really love this job and it is great to know that my experience is needed and appreciated.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Home #4

Ok so we have been slacking a little in getting pictures up on the website. So finally for all of those that have been asking here are some pictures of our apartment in Jacksonville. It is smaller than home #3 in Corpus but it was expected. We really did get spoiled with the new house in Corpus.

3 Little Pigs

We were on our way to the Exchange and then the Commissary this morning when I pointed out to Nathan, "Look Three Little Pigs!" He laughed at me until he saw it and then we both looked at each other and asked what the pigs said. The only thing I could see was Protest Iraq War. Well we did some reasearch on the subject online to try and find a picture of the 3 Little Pigs. We didn't find a picture but we did find their website. It explains everything about the pigs and what Ben Cohen, the founder of Ben & Jerry's had in mind for this protest campaign.
At the exchange Nathan bought our first home entertainment system by Bose. I met him later at the commissary.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I was on my way to work this morning after a nice three day weekend with Nathan. I turn the key in the ignition and NOTHING! First thing I do is check my lights. I assumed that Nathan was in my car and he ALWAYS forgets to turn off the lights. He has gotten so use to his truck automatically turning his lights off. Anyway, NO the lights weren't on. I turn the key again and still nothing. None of the displays on the dashboard turn on so I know the battery is dead. I walk back into the apartment to call the staffing agency to let them know what was going on and that I probably wasn't going to be able to make it into work today. I wasn't sure when Nathan was getting home today. I changed and just figured I would wait till Nathan gets home to take care of it. I take Angel out for a walk and as we are heading to the mailbox Nathan pulls in. I told him what was going on. He wants to jump start the car. We jump start the car and let it run for a bit. I shut the car off and try to start it again and nothing. Great need to go out and get a new battery! We did some research online to check out prices of batteries. NAPA had one of the cheaper batteries that we saw. However, we couldn't find the auto department for Wal-Mart online. We buy the $40 battery at NAPA and it took Nathan about an hour to get the dead battery out and the new one in. Thank goodness the car battery died while he was home because I would have called AAA, have them take the car to a shop and have the battery replaced that way. Car batteries are heavy and I could barely pick up the dead battery never mind a good battery. My job for the morning was research, handing Nathan tools and turning the ignition. Real rough! Poor Nathan broke out in a sweat!
We did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Well I made an appointment for Angel to get her shots and start on all the paperwork and blood work that needs to be done before we get to Hawaii. This process will be started tomorrow.