Thursday, April 29, 2004

Long Day

I went in with Nathan this morning to finish my military transition to FL. Well it turned out to be an all day event. TriCare didn't open till 10am so I spent the previous hour walking around the HUGE Exchange! Nathan needed some things for SERE school so it wasn't a waste of time. Of Course what female can turn down shopping, duh? So TriCare got me set up but I need to make some calls on my end which I have not needed to worry about with any of the other three moves. The Hospital was the next stop for me. Turn in records and get registered in the system. That took longer than expected of course some how more forms and questions that I have not seen or heard before. My final stop was the Vet to drop Angel's records off and to try and get an appointment for her. No go there. The Vet doesn't make appointments now for June 1st. Our last stop was at Pass & Tag for Nathan.
Got home just in time to change, freshen up and put something in my stomach before we turned around and walked out the door. Yes hubby was sweet enough to come with me. I had an interview/appointment with TRC Staffing. I performed very well on the tests that they gave me so I am hoping there will be no problem with getting a job by the end of the month. We will see how that goes. The appointment took longer than the scheduled 2 hours. It was 3 hours. We got back to have dinner at 5:30pm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Free Scoop Day!

Rikki dragged me out to go to the local Baskin Robbins for our free scoop of ice cream. I guess this is going to be an annual event like Subways free cookie day. When we arrived I was surprised that there was no line. She had chocolate chip and I tried nutty coconut; both on a sugar cone. The coconut wasn't that great, I look forward to trying some exotic coconut dishes in Hawaii. After the ice cream we did some sight seeing. We came across another Baskin Robbins and as I was rubbing the free scoop stamp off the back of my hand Rikki yelled "NO" at me. Turns out there are 5 in Jacksonville. I could have skipped supper and had 5 free ice creams!

Check-In and FFSC

I went in with Nathan this morning. He checked-in and I stopped at FFSC (Fleet & Family Support Center.) I went to see their employment specialist. I talked to Pat and he was a lot of help. I sat with him for almost an hour. The best choice for me is to stick with temporary agencies while we are here. We are not going to be here long enough for me to get a job with a government contracted company. I have applied for permanent positions out in town but after this week I am going to stop. I would like to be working by the end of the month so that I can work for a full 6 months or more. From one of the jobs that I did apply for out in town got me a scheduled interview with one of the top employment agencies in the US, TRC Staffing. So that helps knock another item off my list. Adecco is another top notch employment agency and they have a contract with the Navy for helping military spouses find jobs. When I talked to Pat he highly recommended them and it was something I already had on my list but I think that since I have this appointment with TRC Staffing I will stick with them. Nathan wanted to come home and eat and take a nap so we didn't get all our errands done but he has plenty of time to finish checking-in. So I will go in with him again tomorrow morning. I have also hung up some of the pictures. Tonight I think we will organize some more after supper. Thank you Pat!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Movers Made it in a Week!

The phone rang this morning and the wife was optomistic enough to say 'maybe it is the movers.' I of course gave her the 'what planet are you from' look and answered. It was the movers! They made the trip in just one week compared to 2.5 weeks from VT to Pensacola and 2 weeks from Pensacola to Corpus. We were both very happy. After waiting around 2 hours they did show up with their huge Interstate 16-wheeler. It was Jeffrey again and he brought along James who did not talk much. I stayed in my PT gear to help unload since it was only the two of them. I was still in PT gear because I didn't even break out in a sweat during my morning workout. I tried the apartments fitness center. The bike worked fine, the stair stepper made weird noises and had "no brake" so if you step on it once the thing just spins and stays down. The single treadmill looked like it worked until I tried it. I started it off at 6 mph. I had to jump off at what I guess was at least 12 mph, and it was still accelerating. All I ended up doing was jogging around and checking out the racquetball courts, they were decent. So Jeffrey and James worked hard and efficiently, they really knew what they were doing compared to all our other movers. Everything was unloaded and crowded into our 1100 sq ft downgrade from the 1400 sq ft in Corpus. I ordered them a pan meat lovers from Pizza Hut (we do not have a phone book so I jumped online for their number, you can order pizza online! If we ordered more often I would have registered). They finished up early afternoon and Rikki and I just called it quits around 9 pm. We almost finished everything. Just pictures to hang and the coffee table to assemble. The new power drill made life much easier (thanks Mother T). Our webpage went up pretty easily. I will probably mess with it a little bit so it might be down sporadically. Overall this is our easiest move, even with our accumulated junk. Only one left to go then we won't be moving for years! I can't wait to settle down...

Monday, April 26, 2004

Cable and Internet

This morning we called ComCast and scheduled setup of cable and Internet. He said he would be here at noon. He showed up at 12:30pm and got everything up and working without a problem. He ended up connecting cable for free to the bedroom. Installation was $9.95. The first three months of Internet cost us $19.99. After he left we went out to run some errands. We went to WalMart to pick up some SlimFast and Gatorade for the movers when they come. We also looked for a chain collar for Angel but no luck there. We ended up heading to Pet Supermarket for that and for a plastic frisbee. I made supper and then we watched the news. We went to bed early again, 8pm.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Arrived in Jacksonville

We were up at 8:30 this morning. Got everything together, went down for breakfast and while Nathan checked out I finished getting ready. We were on the road by 9:30am. It was rather sunny this morning compared to the last two days. It was a little harder to make out Nathan's license plate. It was quiet on the roads. We traveled the 70 miles and made it to the apartment by 10:30am. Got one set of keys from the office while they made a second set. In the mean time we went to the apartment and unpacked both the vehicles. It took us about an hour to unload and organize. For lunch we decided to head to the commissary to get groceries for the week so we could at least eat in case the moving company didn't show up until the end of the week. First though we needed to make a quick stop to see some friends. We needed to return their house keys. I went shopping while Nathan looked around. OH MY how huge the commissary and exchange are compared to Pensacola or Corpus. It is amazing! I made it half way through the commissary when Nathan found me. He finished shopping with me. We ended up spending $130 on groceries. That is the most I have every spent at the commissary and I didn't even get everything on my list. I have spent $90 for when company comes in a week or when we move from one place to another but never over $100. Yeah some things are more expensive here than in Pensacola or Corpus and that is what brought the price up. We got the groceries back to the house and put everything away and then ate. With the groceries put away we sat down and made calls to family to let them know we arrived safely. I made supper and then we sat down and watched TV for the rest of the evening. Housing stopped by and dropped off the second set of keys. We went to bed early, 8pm.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

My Poor Truck

We had a little excitement on the long drive while following a pair of tractor trailer trucks. I have no idea what they were loaded with and they were too filthy to read their license plates or any writing. While passing them a dinner plate size hunk of something was blown off the top of the trailer and smashed right into my hood and windshield. It broke into small pieces and bounced over hitting Rikki too. I didn't see much damage though I have no doubt it would have shattered my windshield had it not hit in the supported lower left corner. It happened so fast I didn't even realize it hit my hood even though I watched it travel the 30 or so feet through the air before it hit me. I didn't see any damage so I just drove on with my heart racing and adrenaline pumping. When we stopped for the night I saw where it hit the hood. It dented and stripped the paint in two spots before hitting the windshield. Embedded in my wiper I found a chunk of the rock. It wasn't concrete, but something very similiar. Like a fine powder packed into a solid form. I could not break it in half. I am still surprised my windshield didn't crack. I doubt I will get it fixed, hardly worth paying the deductible.

Second Day on the Road

We were up again by 8am. We got everything together, went down for breakfast and while Nathan cheked out I finished getting ready. We were on the road again by 9am. The drive was smooth again. No major problems until about 2pm when we hit the Saturday afternoon traffic. We switched time zones so we are now officially back in Eastern Time. We lost an hour but it wasn't that bad. We reached Lake City and decided to stop. We had driven a total of 560 miles. We stayed at Days Inn. We got everything up to the room and then headed out to get something to eat; Subway was the preferred meal. We got back to the room and watched TV then went to bed at 9pm.

Friday, April 23, 2004

First Day on the Road

We were up at 8 in the morning from the hotel. Got everything together, went to breakfast and while Nathan checked out I finished getting ready. We were on the road by 9am. The drive was not bad through Texas. We stayed along the coast to make the drive more bearable and to cut it short instead of driving up to San Antonio and then east through Houston. Once we hit Lousiana Nathan did the 'raise the roof dance' in his truck, in front of me. He was funny but I agreed completely. We were back in normal land where there are trees and animals. Once we reached West Baton Rouge we had driven 500 miles and it was 4:30 in the afternoon. We stopped for the day. We checked in at another Ramada hotel and had the left overs from Jonny Carino's. We watched TV and went to bed at 9pm.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

House Inspection

Hubby and I packed everything up and got it all in the truck and in the car. At 2pm Housing was scheduled to show up to do the move out inspection. They showed up 20 minutes late. There were no major problems just one missing light bulb. We went out and bought the light bulb the night before because I realized the other day that it was out. Well somehow with the movers, moving things and reorganizing it got misplaced. So that was taken care of but they didn't charge us for it so not too bad. We left by 2:30pm and headed to the hotel. Nathan took a nap with Angel while I watched TV. At 6pm when Nathan got up we went out to eat. We thought it would be a good idea to eat out in Corpus for our last night in town. We ate a Country Italian Restaurant, Johnny Carino's. Nathan had Spicy Shrimp & Chicken and I had Chicken Parmigiana. Nathan's meal was awesome but my chicken was too crispy. Neither one of us finished our meals so we took them for left overs for the road. For dessert we shared Canonolis. (Mom we had them for you:) They were the real thing too; ricotta cream with chocolate chips.) Nathan and I think this restaurant may tie with Olive Garden. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to watch ER!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Movers

Jeffrey from Interstate Movers called from the gate around 9. I was surprised to see they sent an 18-wheeler for our 4,000 lbs of house hold goods. Jeffrey backed the thing into our one-way street expertly and started disassembling the beds upstairs. The packers showed up 30 minutes later, 6 of them. In Pensacola we had 2 people to do everything so this went much faster. Then John called from the gate for access. John was a local contracted out to help Interstate. The packers only pack. John and Jeffrey loaded the truck. Everyone did a much better job than we had seen with our past movers. Jeffrey was from Jamaica and once he earned enough money he was going to move back and start a ranch with his fathers land. John just bought a house on Padre Island and was renovating, we ended up giving him our lawnboy mower some friends gave us when they moved. The packers were done before lunch so they ran off and all we gave them was gatorade and cupcakes. Around 1 we ordered a large pepporoni from the pizza sub pub on base and took a break. They finished up a few hours later and were off. Leaving us with one closet full of possessions we wanted to take with us. I broke out the air mattress and lawn furniture and we relaxed.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Happy 28th Birthday Hubby! I made him some awesome cupcakes. A recipe that I hadn't tried before; Dalmation Cupcakes. They are so good :) I really think the exchange of applesauce for oil makes a difference. Anyway there are plenty left to get us through the end of the week unless they are eaten by the movers tomorrow! It was nice to have the furniture here for Nathan's birthday otherwise we would have been eating off the floor. We will be without furniture for the next two days! Still some more packing to be done. The last load of dishes to wash are in the dishwasher. I have one last load of laundry after the 8 loads that I did yesterday. Then there will be the unplugging of everything tonight and packing dishes and tupperware. I can not wait for tomorrow!

Taking Her Down

The server and my webpage will be offline for at least a week or two while we move. I hope to have it up ASAP but who knows how things will work out.

Murphy struck this morning. Our cable and Internet are down and parts of the base do not have power. I hope the weigh station still has power and the Internet comes up soon so we can continue preparing for the movers.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Packing again

The wife and I are tired of moving. But, once again we are going through the slow process of preparing for the movers. I weighed the truck (empty) yesterday and am loading it up this weekend to weigh it (full) monday so we can get a couple bucks for what we do move ourselves. I'm not sure it is even worth it. It is hard deciding what to let the movers take and what to take ourselves. At least we have had plenty of practice now. Since the movers come tuesday the server will be down along with my website.... indefinitely. I assume I'll be able to get it back up with comcast cable in Jax, but who knows.

It was earth/bay day and the base had a pretty big celebration. I ran in the 4.4 mile fun run at 8 this morning. The sun and wind were brutal. I finished 6th (28:57) overall, placing 1st in my age group. Not too shabby. I think I am as ready as I can be for SERE school.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Free Cookie Day

For some odd reason we went to subway and it turns out Tax Day is also Free Cookie Day! I have to remember that for next year. As for taxes, we did well this year, even with claiming max exemptions we got a good chunk of change back.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Chocolate Cravings

Last night Nathan and I relaxed after running around yesterday to get some errands done. We watched the Matrix series last night. Close to the end of the second one, Matrix Reloaded, Nathan mentioned that he was hungry. I stated that I was craving chocolate and would really like a Cadbury Egg. See we were rather abnormal for Easter this year. No chocolate at all for us! Actually I have been trying to cut chocolate out of my diet due to a doctors recommendation. So Nathan agreed that he would like some chocolate and that a Cadbury Egg sounded good to him too. At 7:38 last night I left to head to the Exchange thinking that they would be open late. They were closed. I then headed next door to the Commissary. They were closed also. I headed to Walmart thinking they would have plenty of stuff after the Easter sale. There was no candy just Easter baskets and confetti. HEB was the next stop. It is just next door to Walmart. They had plenty of candy on sale but no Cadbury Eggs. I caved in and bought Kisses and Rolos. After walking out of the store I remembered Eckerd was also in the plaza. I found them!! I only bought two. I was more interested in a normal old Cadbury Egg and there were only Caramel or Chocolate Cadbury Eggs. So I bought two Caramel Eggs. I finally turned around to make it home at 8:10. I made it for the start of Matrix Revolutions. Now there is more than enough chocolate in the house till we move next week.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What is wrong with me?

I started checking out this morning. After picking up my medical and dental records I started flipping through them. Because of the mishap last september I had a full physical and blood work so I figured I would check out any values that were abnormal. The Internet is perfect for this. First off was: Albumin - 5.0 - High (normal 3.5-4.9). Turns out Albumin is a good thing to have high. It helps with stress, aging, and cancer. Next was segs/100 wbc 76% - High (normal 40-75) and Lymphs/100 wbc 18.6% Low (normal 24-44). I haven't been able to find much info on these. The low lymph count is a little worrisome. But, I really don't know what it means. I have a few friends that will probably know, I'll find out. Besides those I am pretty normal. Cholestrol is 141, HDL 54, LDL 76. Rikki picked up her records too, but she didn't have anything abnormal, I was surprised too.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter

We gorged at the Bay Club this morning. They opened up two of the banquet rooms for the easter brunch. We made it for our reservations at 11 after Rikki finished with church. The food was good as usual. Plus, they had a much larger selection. We ate so much that we came back and took a nap. We are both trying to enjoy the free time while it lasts.

It is Cruise Week on the Travel Channel... Check it out.

This is the first Easter I have never had chocolate!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Slow Maintenance

This week has been a little hectic. Lovely notes from housing let us know anywhere from 6-12 hours in advance that the maintenance crew will be around to work on the house. So no one asks whether or not it is ok or if we will even be around. They just do it. Most of the work has been on the roof and gutters. But this week also required them to have access to the house. So they have been in to put insulation in the attic. LOL can you believe it?! We have been in the house for 6 months and now they are putting insulation in the attic. I thought that it was strange when we were hit with rain on Monday that it was cooler upstairs than downstairs.
The next day some work was done in the master bathroom upstairs. I don't know what it was. They also finished painting from where the construction crew put cracks in the walls in the closet. Maintenance also fixed and did some repairs on the humidifier upstairs.
Management came out and did an inspection another day. The following day maintenance came by to check out the problems that were found from the inspection. Maintenance came in yesterday morning after having made an appointment this time. They came to fix a difference in height with the steps. The solution to the problem was to pull up the rug and lay some tile down at the foot of the steps in the hallway downstairs to compensate for the height difference with the first step compared to all the the other steps. After that they put the rug back down.
The maintenance crew manager stopped off to let us know that they would set up an appointment to fix the switch in the garage. I asked him if he expected that to be a long project. He told me not to worry about it because they weren't going to need to access the house. He says the problem is with the motor. UMM, hello I know I am not a technician or even experienced with maintenance but come on. Nathan's vehicle garage door opener works so that tells me that it is not the motor. It is a wiring problem with the switch on the wall in the garage. That is why it doesn't work! OH, wait I don't know what I am talking about! I only have an electrical engineering degree and I graduated college but that means nothing. Silly me!
So who knows when that will done. Hopefully it won't be until after we are gone. Nathan and I have not been happy with them just coming and going.

P-3 Orion Pictures

Chris sent me a webpage of links to P-3 pictures. I had run across it before but forgot about it. Here it is for anyone interested.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Free Time

It is pretty bad when I have nothing to write about. We have both been taking it easy. Rikki continues her job hunting online and I mess around with my computers. The good thing about the free time is that I am excercising steadily to prepare for SERE school. Plus we go on almost daily walks with the dog. We've seen 2 pink flamingos and a jack rabbit.

I made reservations today for easter champagne brunch at the Officers Club. They are going to have alot of good stuff beyond the usual.

I gave some JROTC kids a tour of the Micro-Simulators today (a mock cockpit with a big computer screen running Microsoft Flight Simulator). I was asked so I volunteered for it. It was fun trying to keep them from crashing while letting them do as much as possible.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Camera Repaired!

We got our digital camera back from Olympus. We sent it for repairs after the cruise because I dropped it in the ocean. It actually worked fine but a single grain of sand got inside the lens and we could not get it out. It was not noticeable unless you zoomed in completely and had a bright background. We were lucky, they did not charge us anything. I actually think it is a brand new camera or at least camera casing because some scratches are no longer there. It took them 10 days to repair. I'm impressed with the camera, I dropped it in about 4 inches of salt water. It is advertised as water resistant, it is definitetly that.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Configuration Continues

Turns out the website worked fine from inside my network but was unviewable from the Internet. Hopefully that has been fixed now. Overall I am very happy with windows web server. My old server was apache/php/mysql/perl and it was a major task to get it up and running properly. Surprisingly I have no doubt that my windows server is more secure than the more popular apache server I had (67% of servers run apache). Windows has this very nice lockdown program. You simply select what you want to use the server for (http web server) and it secures all of the services you do not select. Color me impressed.

A few friends checked it out and said the speed was fine. Leave a comment if you notice any major differences between how it handles now and how it did before the move. I think everything works. Leave a comment or email if it doesn't.

Friday, April 02, 2004

New Server

Here it is. I fixed up my college computer to be a dedicated server. It was pretty easy the second time around. Windows made it even easier. Movabletype (my blog program) went in easily though I had to export everything. I have no idea if you can login chris, try it and let me know. Now I have to check all the links and make sure everything works. it looks good. Although it may be a little slower. I bought the old computer through Tobin while he was working at staples. It got me through college until I bought my laptop. Glad I found something to do with it besides collect dust. Drop a comment if you notice anything wrong.

Rikki was infected with a virus (trojan horse) that our new FREE antivirus program caught. I am starting to wonder if she is really "job hunting" when she is sitting on the couch infront of the TV with her laptop.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Webpage Downtime

Time Warner changed my IP address a few times on me. My domain forwarding takes about a day to filter down so that is what has happened if you can't connect. I am in the process of upgrading all 4 of our computers. I am putting windows XP Pro on everything. The laptops are done with minimal problems, it took about 8 hours each to complete. I am impressed so far, it seems like a very good, stable operating system. It really saved both of our laptops from being obsolete. I had ME, rikki had 98. One new program I am testing out is a free antivirus from AVG. My Norton Antivirus expired about a year ago and I'm too cheap to pay for an update. Turns out AVG found a worm on Rikki's laptop that Norton missed. AVG virus scan is fast and the update feature while slow works fine. I'm impressed, did I mention its FREE!

So both laptops are up and working fine. I am now upgrading my old desktop to work as my web server so I don't bog down my new desktop (my DVD burner is not working very well since I installed apache web server). So I will be trying Microsofts web server IIs. I know it won't be as nice as Apache, but I just want something simple. It will be interesting to compare the differences between them.

I am not sure if it will support movabletype blog. Since we will be moving anyways I'm not going to put too much time into it. Sorry, but Chris is the only other one that uses it and he isn't posting anyways ;-P I will try and I will definitely have something in Hawaii. But, I might not have the time in Jax to build/maintain it for just 6-8 months.