Friday, March 05, 2004


Rikki and I went to the winging to see fellow Norwich grad Slowinski and a friend get their wings. The friends were in Pensacola with us and were one of the few that moved out here to Corpus Christi. Both wingers are Air Force. The guest speaker was decent. His speech was about the War on Terror, a recurring theme.

I submitted our request for our move to Jacksonville. It was all online and took about 30 minutes. I was very impressed. Makes it alot easier than running back and forth to the office because you forget things. It was nice to be able to ask the wife what she thought about different things too. We also learned that the government insures goods at 1.25$ per pound. That scared us a little. Considering we only have about 4,000 lbs valued at about 20,000$. I called our renters insurance and made sure they also covered it, we have a 25K policy through them. Of course the movers are responsible for any damages they do. I have heard horror stories about moves, hopefully we will never experience one. My favorite is an overseas move where the freight liner hit a bad storm and lost entire cargo containers over the side. I couldn't imagine losing everything!

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