Friday, March 19, 2004

Waterford at Mandarin

After sleeping on it we decided on the smaller 2 bedroom at Waterford. The staff was exceptionally nice and accomadating. They even let us jump on their computer to print my orders off the Internet. Military gets 10% discount, the pet fee was half price (175$), and we received one month free. All put together we will be paying about 700$ a month. It has a "lakeview" (meaning 15$ extra per month!) and is on the bottom floor. We completed all the paperwork and then went back to take Troy and Kayla out to Famous Amos's that none of us had ever tried. It turned out to be a country diner. The food and prices were decent though there are so many places to eat in that area I doubt we will ever go there again. Mandarin is a great area with 100's of shops and restaurants all along San Jose Blvd. Waterford is right in the center. Ironically Rikki got a phone call while we were out - for a job interview back in Corpus. So our plans shifted once again. We headed back to Interlachen so we could spend saturday with Gram and then drive back home on Sunday.

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