Sunday, March 14, 2004

Touring Corpus Christi

We spent the day yesterday roaming around Corpus. The usual quick tour of the base to show off the nice beach and pier. Then to the hangars to see the Army, Coast Guard, and customs detachments. Customs flys the P-3 Orion I will be learning to fly next in Jax. Then we went by the Navy hangars to show him the T-34 and TC-12. Once off base we went up ocean drive gawking at the impressive oceanview mansions and then into town. We were undecided whether to go to the USS Lexington or the Texas State Aquarium. Rikki finally decided on the Aquarium while we munched on subway for lunch. This was our second time at the aquarium and I still enjoyed it. We arrived in time (after a line to get in) to see the otter demo/feeding and also managed to arrive at several other places during feeding time so we saw more than usual. The best part was the feeding of the green moray eel. I have never seen one fully out in the open before. We spent several hours there came home for a ham dinner that Rikki has perfected (I made my rosemary-garlic pizza the night before).

We all slept in this morning and headed to the officer's club for champagne brunch after Rikki got back from church (she is such a good catholic). It was more crowded than usual with several reserved tables. This also meant more food and a better selection. I filled a plate at the buffet and ordered half a belgian waffle. Both were excellent. I definitely can not afford to make buffets a habit. The rest of the day was spent preparing for our house hunting in jax starting tuesday. I do not look forward to driving over 2000 miles.

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