Friday, March 12, 2004

Surprising News

With all of my free time I have caught up on my reading and the news. A few interesting things I figured other people should know:

Medical studies:
Throw away your hydrogen peroxide (works by reacting with blood and skin cells bubbling out dirt). Water is a better cleanser and does not damage cells.
Don't use Syrup of Ipecac on the kids. It doesn't reduce ER visits or save lives. Instead it can cause prolonged vomiting. Just contact poison control.
Mercurochrome Iodine (antibacterial) contains toxic mercury, is ineffective, irritates skin and slows healing. Again, use water.

Identity Theft
The biggest threat of identity theft comes from bank credit-card offers. ID thieves can take these out of the mail system, change the address, and apply for credit in your name. To halt these annoying offers just call 888-567-8688. You should also buy a shredder for sensitive information.

Produce Decoding
Besides being edible those stickers on fruits/vegetables mean something:
#### - conventionally grown
8#### - genetically engineered
9#### - organically grown

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