Thursday, March 04, 2004

Pre-Move Out Inspection

When we got back from our vacation Nathan stopped off at housing to let them know when we are moving out. Housing scheduled a pre-move out inspection for 3/3/04. UMM..ok! We are not moving out till April 23rd so I was a little confused by this. The appointment is set for 2:30pm. They never showed up till 3:15pm. No apology for being late. I guess it is a good thing I am not working or I would have been a little upset. So she shows up. She takes a quick look around downstairs and then hands us a cleaning list. Make sure this is clean and this is done and don't forget to give us the keys. Umm no duh! They will come by to reinspect the morning we leave. As Nathan and I look through the list we realize that we are going to be charged for lost mailbox keys. We just laughed at that because before she left she says we can throw the mailbox keys away if we want. The post office will come by and change the locks after each family leaves. I think someone is confused over there. Got to love the move out process!

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