Saturday, March 13, 2004


The scariest part about the terrorists is that they have no limits. Madrid suffered almost 200 deaths the other day. If they could have the terrorists would have killed 200,000, 2 million, 20 million.... they would have liked to kill everyone that does not believe in their Islamofascist principles and ironically, in the process they will even kill a few who do. Luckily they have not been very successful on a big scale. Instead they cause a united response that even I was shocked by. Up to 11 million people marched in Spain to protest the attack. That is close to 1/4 of their population.

A college friend is visiting for the weekend down from Austin. He is one of the many electrical engineer students that was adopted into the Tyner family. He brought his laptop and he connected to our wireless network. That is pretty neat. He just needed the network name and the WEP password (wireless encryption protocol). I've done it with our laptops before but with the provided software. Was impressed how easy it was. He had half a dozen different wireless networks setup on his laptop.

Hotspots (wireless access points) are popping up all over the country, won't be long before you can surf almost everywhere. Cell phone companies are putting out an Internet cell phone adapter that allows you access to the cell phone network to surf the Internet. So anywhere you can use a cell phone you can be online. A friend of mine has it and surfed on a drive from Norfolk VA to DC. I will definitely have to get one of those with my next laptop.

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