Thursday, March 18, 2004


We were up early for a large breakfast of donuts, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. With full stomachs we reloaded the truck and hit the road again. All of our routes were planned with Delorme which is a must have for anyone doing road trips (they even cover hawaii). Without this program these trips would be far more painful, thanks Mom & Dad for the most useful present I've ever received. Jax was only about an hour away and we were once again unloading the truck. This time we stayed with Troy and Kayla. They were in Corpus with us and had just moved to Jax a few weeks earlier. We took advantage of their house hunting experience and advice then headed out on our search. We checked out 4 places along San Jose Blvd in the Mandarin area. Since it was only going to be for 6 months we gave up on the ideal "townhouse with a fenced in backyard" and settled for a 2 bedroom apartment. Waterford was #1 with Claire Point coming in second. We called it a day and headed back. Troy made some great Kabobs and the dogs entertained us for the night.

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