Monday, March 22, 2004

House Hunting Leave

House hunting leave is always so much fun :) I hope that you can sense my sarcasm in that. The driving to get to the new location, more driving to look at apartments, the lack of sleep, the little time you have to make a decision, the weather and then the driving back.
I did a lot of preperation for this. Since I was on my butt at home not working there really was no reason not to do any preparation. My preparation did pay off. I had 2 pages of places that I looked at that were relatively close to the base and that had a 2 bedroom unit. With the research that I had done and showed to Nathan, Claire Point was our number one choice. When we checked it out and then looked at Waterford at Mandarin we fell in love with Waterford (well I did). The deciding factors were the community and the 2 bedroom unit fitted our needs. Before we left to head home we went back and signed the lease for the apartment. We get a unit with a view of the lake and has a screened in patio.
Thank goodness for friends and family. They saved us a lot of money by allowing us to stay with them. A home cooked meal was still on the table at the end of the day even with all the traveling. Spending time with family is always wonderful since we don't get to see them often.
Now my wonderful husband already hinted at a little accident that I had on the way home. Talk about scaring the heck out of myself and making me feel like another ditzy broad on the road. I am not use to driving Nathan's truck so my judgement is off. I pulled into the gas station and knew I had to pull in up close to the pump since the gas tank is on the left side not the right. Well I knicked the corner of the front right fender on the pump barrier. The truck didn't have a dent or a scratch but definitely picked up red paint. I wouldn't drive for a while after that.
We do love our new location. Thank goodness we made it home safe and sound.

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