Sunday, March 28, 2004


NASA set a new record yesterday. 5000 mph (mach 7) with a new prototype using a hypersonic engine (no moving parts). Rikki and I tried some new technology ourselves this week: a power tooth brush. I've looked at these before and decided they were not worth it. But, I finally caved when we found one on sale at the Navy exchange for 42$ (after 10$ rebate). So we have a new sonicare advance, the cheapest model. My first thought was what a puny brush head. Then I was annoyed when Rikki wanted to use her own brush head and not just share one. So every day we have to swap them out. Then I tried it. The whole thing vibrates and the toothpaste does not foam up like it does with a normal brush. Instructions recommend using gel toothpaste, maybe that will help. I haven't had "an accident" with it yet. But, Rikki has and her side of the bathroom mirror can prove it. The instructions tell you to keep your mouth closed.... I can't do that, I have to drool. The brush does seem to do a good job, but if you happen to place the hard plastic against your teeth you get a jackhammer effect that you can feel all the way to your toes. It should help my receeding gumlines, I brush too hard, and Rikki still doesn't know what to think about it. Neither of us feel like our teeth are any cleaner than after a good manual brushing.

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